Sunday, September 2, 2007

I donno what to answer

Dear dada,

Thanks for sending it such a good gift in my 10th birthday. I like Harry Potter very much. I am very happy dada. Missed you a lot in my birthday party. You know, I got a video games set from papa. Mom prepared lot of sweets and dishes yesterday.

All my friends came in yesterday’s party except Rahaman. I missed him too. I want to go to his house just to know if everything is well, but mom is not allowing me. She is afraid that I will eat something bad in their house. You know beef is prohibited in our society. Papa told Cow is treated as our mother in our religion. In our house we have a picture of God Krishna who stands with a Cow. Mom worships him everyday. She tells cow gives us milk, cow is our mother. Then why others eat it? They should not.

But then why we eat mutton! Last time we went to Kalighat temple in Kolkata, I have seen hundreds of innocent goats for slaughter. I asked papa why we are killing them. Papa told it is religious practice. I don’t know what religion is. But if religion asks my father to kill any man, will he do the same.

In Bengali New Year my papa worships fishes and then mom cooked it. We love fishes. But if we worship, it is also god. Papa told we can eat it as it is allowed in Hindu religion and I have to follow the same as I am also a Hindu by birth. But I don’t know other religion. Why can’t I choose my religion? I will be biased if I follow one religion. I don’t know. I only wish Rahaman is well and will join me today in football match. I love him.

And dada Love you too.
Yours’ Papu.
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Ash said...

Touching post!

Aditi said...

hmm well written

Keshi said...

soem very good Qns there. I ask the same type of qns from my mum..cos she dun eat beef/pork cos she's a hindu...but she eats lamb and chicken. Arent all animals made of flesh??


Anonymous said...

You have really made us think once again Pijush. This is the beauty as well as the harshness of diversity and its just that we have to co-exist respecting every community even though these questions will always remain...nice post!

AJEYA RAO said...

Nice post, but i think most of it CAN be answered. Who wrote this?

Apun Ka Desh said...

Hey is this a real letter from someone or you typed it to raise some very pertinent questions.

You know what - there are pretty much no answers to these questions. However differently we may like to believe, in all likelihood Darwin was right - we are highly (???) evolved animals after all!

Nice Post Boss.

Ananda Niyogi said...

Something on a lighter note, not to be taken seriously...

Two facts -
a) In India cows roam the streets
b) In India people still go hungry each day

If these people start eating those cows, both the problems could be solved :-)

Anonymous said...

hi papuuuuuu! lol
that is a very nice pic of pijush-chan with sunglasses!!
never seen this fish. what is that red line? very interesting!
we eat beef, but i feel sorry for the cows too.
will try to eat only chicken and mutton meat.
hindu is such a great religion!

Rakesh said...

A very beautiful post..
Very critical issue has been evnice here with such a great narration.

Pijush said...

@Ash, Aditi, Thanks.

@Keshi, nice point, but again I donno what to answer.

@Kalyan, glad to know that I made you thinking. I like the way you have seen the perspective. Thanks.

@Ajeya, please answer :-) Thanks.

@AKD, no this is not real letter but based on past facts; both are me, a small me and a big me :-) Thanks for the nice comment.

@Ananda, nice observation. Thanks for the witty comment.

@Niki-Chan, Thanks for liking me and my religion as always. This is Rui fish and small ones are Puti fish, both are very popular in Bengal.

@Rakesh, Thanks for liking the post, keep coming.

Mumbai Guy said...

Good thoughts. I agree with you. I am a non vegeterian but I am trying to get back to vegeterian ways.

Sigma said...

Very nice and touching posts. These are questions that are really hardto answer, ever.