Monday, September 10, 2007

What to post?

I read many blogs in a week, now it has become much easier to use this one as I started reading them by Google reader (see this video if you are still not convinced to use any reader).

The natures of posts are really varied in nature, quality and representations. Most of the bloggers posts observations about their own life or things associated to them.

But I doubt how many of us are writing the sensitive issues of our mind? Aren’t we afraid to post controversial issues? Like political, religious, erotic topics ..
Well its up to you, what will you post, post any topic in which you are comfortable.

But in order to attract wider audience your posts have to be versatile or generic. If you are an Indian and mainly post on India always how a person from UK will feel interested in your blog. Its natural. The topic should be interesting, not always in a politician’s voice, like do this, we have to do that etc.

Look and feel and innovation matters. The layout have to be colorful, posts should have relevant pictures to attract readers. No one of us have enough time to read each and every line, unless it is interesting or nicely written.

But the question I face from new bloggers is what to post?

My answer will be post whatever you want. In my last post I talked about blogging in a theme of your interests. And it at least helped one person.
Its important what you want, more readers, more hits, more comments. Then think of the bigger audience, post on the hot and burning but interesting topics. But if you are free bird, just post whatever you feel, its your own domain and you have absolute freedom of expressing yourself.
But be careful as well.
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Aditi said...

that is a good post.. and all u write is important if u are posting for the sake of seeking readers.. if u're writing what comes to u.. then i think eventually u will find readers on its own eh?

Keshi said...

I dun think too much b4 I post...I just write whatever I feel like, whatever Im going thru right now, whatever whatever :)


Pijush said...

@Aditi, you are right. Just post what we think, what comes out of the mind.

@Keshi, you are very different, brave and open.

AJEYA RAO said...

I write because i love to...I think blogs should be a collection of thoughts, whatever it is and not for entertaining others.

Rakesh said...

Blog is your expression and for it you dint have to think much...
Just open your heart for whatever you feel like.

Anonymous said...

Pijush, Informative post.

Some people try blogging because it's the "in thing" to do. Then they stop because they don't get any comments.

I've learned that if I visit other people's blogs and leave a comment they will most likely return the visit and leave a message.

I started my blog to get feedback on my paintings... from people that aren't artists and not my family.

Now my blog has blossomed into an enjoyable hobby and social interaction with people all over the world.

Pijush said...

@Ajeya, Your approach is quite good, its for sharing thoughts and not a service line product :-) Keep smiling.

@Rakesh, Appreciate your comment, I fully agree with you.

@Chewy, I am enjoying your paintings for last few months, but not commented before. It made me thinking several times and I tried to find the source of your thoughts.
Thanks for such a good comment; I just posted another post based on your feedback.
Keep coming and take care.

Anonymous said...

Cool Beans! Inspiration and ideas are other connections that happen from blogging.