Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Chak De, Chak De and just Chak De

The Chak De effect is still on.

Yesterday India won first Cricket World Cup Tewnty20 final in Johannesburg. It is a great moment for us Indians. I want to congratulate Dhoni and Indian team for a spirited and wonderful performance. Special thanks for defeating arch rival Pakistan two times in this tournament, both the time they kept their nerve cool in close nail biting contests. We are now the World Champion and nothing can make us happier than this.

Yes, I am happy, happy the way the boys fought, the way they kept their temperaments cool, demonstrated perfect attitude and gesture. I am happy with the captaincy of Dhoni, an honest and cool Captain. He apologises in front of media for his mistakes (done after first match), donate t-shirt to his fan(after final), and cheer up the weakest member of the playing eleven(Joginder Sharma). What more we can expect from a new young captain.

He is not rigid like the wall, not whimsical like mr chappal, not tensed like the pakis, not arrogant like the Freddies. I can remember those days when he used to come to Kharagpur to play small tournaments which was played with tennis balls. He came from a lower middle class family of Ranchi, Jharkhand. Jharkhand state is close to my home town Kharagpur and one of the local don (Ram Babu – who is now enjoying life time imprisonment) used to organize cricket tournaments at the time of Durga puja. Dhoni played one innings brilliantly and DRM (Devotional Railway Manager) promised him a group IV (lowest rank) railway job, his father is also a group IV railway worker. That small boy is now the leading the World champion team.
Thank You Dhoni. You are our ideal leader, inspiration for millions of youths.

Thanks to Yuvi (the most aggressive player of the tournament, six 6s in an over and fastest fifty, 2 MOM), RP (My man of the series – I don’t know how Afridi got it!!), Pathan (Hero of both the Pak match), Rohit (MOM against SA), Gambhir (highest scorer of final, second highest of the tournament), Uthappa (for 50 and bowl out pak in first match), Sreesanth ( for agressiveness and outstanding against Aussies), Joginder (for two great final overs), Viru, Bhajji for their mature guidance and whole team India (except Agarkar – who virtually turned India’s game to other side couple of times in this tournament). It was a dream journey for the young team. Thanks for entertaining us.

I thank Misbah-ul-Haq for being the tragic hero and making both the Indi-Pak game so close and exiting. He lost his nerve in the nail biting contest. My sincere sympathy is with him but not with Pakistan team, whose captain claims that “All Muslims of the World” are Pak supporter. Probably Shoaib Malik forgot the hero of the final is an Indian as well as from the same religion. I don’t know when they will grow up.

Even our Chak De hero Shahrukh Khan was there ( in New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg) who represent India and not any community. It is a matter of great coincidence or a deep influence or utter surprise I don’t no, Indian emerges triumphant in three major tournaments in last 2 month, Neheru Cup Football, Asia Cup Hockey and Now World Cup T20 Cricket, after the release of movie “Chak De India”. They simply outplayed opponents in these championships.

Prabhjot, Rajpal, Tirkey, Baichung, Pradeep, Subrata are our heroes and it’s the time to cheer for them. But I doubt how long they can keep their consistencies.

It is not possible that a movie will influence the performance of a team, but can motivate some players. Last year we came across same kind of situation when the student mob protested in the “Rang De” fashion against the Indian Govt for anti-reservation issue. Similarly there are discrete incidents where “Lage Raho” rejuvenated some of us for 'Gandhigiri'. But I think one movie can not change the society or nation or team drastically. What do you think?

PS: This pic is not taken by me. source: ABP news paper.


Mansi Desai said...

hey, we saw this match live...my hubby and brother are huge cricket fans, and this victory just made everyone's day!!

Ananda Niyogi said...

Great achievement no doubt for a young team and a first time captain...

I am sure T20 cricket will catch on like wildfire now - given both India's success and the condensed format of the game. With millions of dollars at stake in IPL & ICL - I am sure the administrators are very lucky & very happy...

Personally, I would rather watch Test match & ODI cricket where the Holy Trinity play...they may not be the fittest but without a shadow of doubt they are the most talented :-)

I found Chak De to be a very ordinary movie though - Shhrukh's last speech being a poor imitation of Pacino's speech in Any Given Sunday. I doubt whether a movie could have any impact on India's sporting fortunes. Its blood & guts that brings sporting glory - not celluloid drama

Anonymous said...

yaay congratulations!!
yeah movies influence society :)

Keshi said...

I didnt see it LIVE. But well done India!


Ash said...

Not a sports fan :-)

But i must check out the Chakde movie!

Anonymous said...

hmmm...Pijush, This is just very very well written. I just agree with all the points you have mentioned and also liked that player-by-player review & I liked you have mentioned the other sports too, which also the same amount of Cheers, if not more & yes these days Bollywood movies are having a lot of influence on today's life, especially the one's based on strong social themes...Excellent Post!

I liked this new template too!

Cuckoo said...

Hmmm... you were right. On the same points.

Well, movies do influence people .. generally more but I don't think SRK's presence/absence there in stadium would have made any difference to the guys. They were way too charged up to distract themselves.

Pijush said...

Yes the victory made our day. Its nice to know that you both are cricket fan. Take care.

Totally agree on the point that “Its blood & guts that brings sporting glory - not celluloid drama” and “am sure the administrators are very lucky & very happy” , the smart moves clicked suddenly and Dhoni rightly pointed out that it was our destiny.
Regarding the Chak De movie I am not very sure, I have to see it first. But the blind copying of Hollywood movies is still an alarming trend in Bollywood.

I know you are a big supporter of India, Thanks very much.

Thanks mate. Your country did well in last One-day World Cup.

I also have too. Thanks.

I am glad to get your nice comment. I thought to post about India’s performance in Neheru Cup Football and Asia Cup Hockey, but missed it. But these win have given me enough pleasure and I was delighted to see the Asia cup Hockey shorelines 20-0 (Against Srilanka) and 7-1 (against mighty South Korean team in final) and I was happy to watch the rejuvenated effort of Indian football team in every match with some classic goals from Baichung and his team.

“these days Bollywood movies are having a lot of influence on today's life, especially the one's based on strong social themes” - Yes these movies definitely have influences to society, but I really wonder how much. Hope some of these will change India one day.

Thanks for liking the new template, I was changing on that moment and stick to it after your comment :-)

Thanks friend. ”movies do influence people .. generally more but I don't think SRK's presence/absence there in stadium” - totally agree with You. Keep smiling :-)

sAg_NiK said...

The story is alredy discussed million times the way we fought in the tensed final & won the T20 World Cup.....but frankly,it cud happen under Dravid (glad that didn't happen ;-))
...BUT, here's the difference i felt in Dhoni's captaincy...may b he took wrong decisions in few occasions & might b lose the Final (ifn't Misba tried 2b over-smart:-)))....BUT what i like IS HIS attitude...yes,he has 'allmost ALL THOSE' qualities of SOURAV as a captain ....more over,he's an avid beliver of Team Spirit & unlike Dravid woudn't crete any misunderstanding btwn teammates (i'm sure abt it!).

P.S.- Initially I don have much faith on him,thought he wud b 'another Dravid'...& pleanstly surprised the way he proved me (& many others,am sure!)WRONG :-)

Pijush said...

Ya, bit of luck and destiny is always there, but I believe fortune favors the brave.
Sourav is a born leader, but we have seen many controversies under Dravid’s captaincy. What I liked most in Dhoni is his attitude, when there is any mistake he is always ready to take it, which Dravid used to put on the others and always misguided media with his bullshit comments. He did not have the voice and aggression like dada, neither the attitude, cool head like Dhoni and team handling capability like both of them. It is my personal opinion and can vary with anyone.

But regarding Team India, I will say they have done a fantastic job, have given everything, so they deserve a warm and victorious welcome from us.

sAg_NiK said...


"It is my personal opinion and can vary with anyone"

Arre,who'll dare to differ ??? ...may b Dravid himself agree with it! ;-))

Poriseshe:Tasatteo jadi keu alada katha bole,tahole dujane mile 'kalabo' sai 'lyadu' ke!! (remember JU's own lingo,without which no one can claim 2b a true JU-student ?) :-))))

sAg_NiK said...

Do you've noticed,the TWO superb captain we've(while ONE's already all-time BEST,other's very promising & iincld. him NOT only 4 T20 victory,but his on/off-field attitude) r frm EAST INDIA...the most neglected part in Indian Cricket!

Dravid wasn't only a 'si-si' pple, but a Chappel's pet ....only 4 him Sourav missed several matches/series & almost ruined his career.(though dada's lil' bit staborn/overconfident attitude 'in past' was played a key-role in that case)

Pijush said...

“ EAST INDIA...the most neglected part in Indian Cricket!” - Yes I agree, BCCI was always west focused. And not only eastern part, I guess the resentments are in many states like AP, UP, which is why huge state player has joined the ICL from AP, Bengal etc.

But despite of all these factors I am happy for this win and enjoying the moment. After all its our “India” who is now World champion (hok na T20).

”tahole dujane mile 'kalabo' sai 'lyadu' ke!!” - Hahaha, Bhalo bolecho.. Dada amader rokte, amader ridoye. Bhalo laglo tomar comment peye :-)

MM said...

Just joining in the ecstasy, though I am nt much of a cricket enthusiast myself...

indicaspecies said...

A jubilant posting Pijush!

Am just back from India and catching up on your blog. I agree it was an exciting match and great victory to celebrate! I watched it live while dining at the Indiranagar Club in Bangalore with a huge crowd of fans.

And now add to the list Viswanathan Anand winning yesterday the 2007 World Championship held in Mexico City to become the new world champion. :)

Pijush said...


It’s nice to know that you were a part of that jubilation. You must have spent exiting moments during the match.

“Viswanathan Anand winning yesterday the 2007 World Championship” - Great news. Now we want to see the CROWN on his head. But I still doubt how India will perform in the upcoming Olympics.

Take care and keep smiling.

Pijush said...


It�s a moment of national glory and I am happy that you are a part of this ecstasy.