Sunday, August 26, 2007

Do you believe in ghosts?

David asked: Do you believe in ghosts?

No David, I do not believe in Ghosts, but can not rule out the possibility of its existence, because I can not prove it.

As I have said many times that I believe this World is virtual and we are just part of the game. Well, I can not prove this one as well, but I can feel it by some patterns. Similarly the possibility of existence of a Ghosts World can not be overruled, more interestingly my sis believes in ghosts strongly.

I can share an incident we experienced last year. We went to our maternal uncle’s house where we were celebrating some festival of Hindu Goddess. It was close to the burning ghat (Samshan) of Kharagpur, where the dead bodies are burnt.
At the time of coming back, I told my sis about the place and she was somehow influenced by an uncanny feeling, her eyes were unnatural and her face was surrounded by a fear. She was terribly frightened. It was tough to come back home and the night was even more dangerous. In her hallucination she was watching a black woman in a while Shari and red sindur, who was threatening her constantly. She was crazy and my whole family was not able to control her.
I was also started to feel something, totally moved by the state of my sis. That day I realized that I can not overrule the possibility of a mysterious World.

If we think about the n-dimensional state of a certain point, then the same place can be used by many different things invisible to each other. The basic function of our brain is to feel what we can see, perceive. But there are obviously limitations of it, or in a better way we can say that the program installed in a game is for a specific World. So we can not feel the other World. But there can always be some overlapping of different worlds, may be this is the reason someone can feel or experience the Ghosts World.

If we think in different way, we have so many emotions, passions, thoughts, relations, desires in this World. It can not be vanished in a moment (after we die). Well it can not be proved by the law of conservation of energies, but many things can not be proved which we can not deny. So these can exists in any forms, may be in forms of ghosts.

I can not deny their existence, I can not prove, I can not overrule, but also I can not feel it. May be weak hearted people can feel it, I don’t know!! But I don’t believe Ghost; neither have I had any experience of it.

PS: David, here people often misspell my surname, which proves ghost exists :-)

This intriguing picture is a collage of Goddess Athena, Socrates and Acropolis in Night .

Updated with one story from Kalyan.

I was talking about the story, where Sarat chandra Chattopadhyay had a challenge with his friends that he will go to the cremation site(sasan) on a new moon night(amabasya) alone and prove to his friends that no ghosts exists. To prove that he has indeed visited there he will bury a stick in the ground given by his friends. On the faithful night in the midst of howling foxes and other night animals he went there as was agreed but he also being an human had certain fears or nervousness, so he was also in a hurry to bury the stick as agreed and run away quickly. In this hurriedness his dhoti got struck in the stick that he buried and for a moment he believed that there is a ghost and is pulling his dhoti, and so he fainted in the ground. In the morning his friends got worried and they ran to that place only to see that Sarat babu's dhoti has got struck in the ground stick and that made him faint in the ground, which he was thinking as the ghost.

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Teddy Bear Giraffe said...

Hello! Are there any Teddy Bears Dressed as Other Animals around here? Just wonderin' ...

david mcmahon said...

Hi Pijush,

Thanks for sharing that. Did this incident take place in Calcutta?



Pijush said...

Hi David,

Thanks for the comment. It happened in Kharagpur, in my home town.

Take care,

Keshi said...

I dun even hv a choice, cos I saw a Ghost!

read at:



Amrita said...

hi Pijush,Thanks for visitng my blog. Your blog is great too. Greece is one of my favourite countries. Saw a report about the fires on BBC.Pray you are safe.

Anonymous said...

I believe Pijush, you know about the story of what happened with Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay on the faithful amabashya night. I too believe its a kind of a mental thing. Although I do feel scared in the night about ghost especially in lone areas but I don't believe in its existence!

If you hadn't heard the story, I will share with you later.

AJEYA RAO said...

I have thought of this a lot before and argued within my mind; I finally concluded that if I can believe that God exists.....Why cant I believe that Ghost tooo exist? I think they are positive and negative spirits.

Ananda Niyogi said...

If ghost equals the mutiliated & blood dripping figures one gets to see on screen, well definitely they do not exist.

But i agree with you that sum total of all the emotional energy cannot vanish with the death of a person.

So if ghost means the para-normal feelings that one can experience (with the thoughts of the deceased playing in the sub-conscious) - yes, definitely ghosts can exist in our minds.

Ash said...


Pijush said...

@Keshi, I read your post, it was creepy. Take care and be safe.

@Amrita, Welcome to my blog. Athens and Olympia is safe now, but fire is still there in southern Greece. Thanks for all your comments.

@Kalyan, are you talking about the story of Lalu who had taken shelter with a dead body. That was quite a interesting story in our childhood. Please share if you are telling something different.

@Ajeya, I agree with you, quite a valid logic.

@Ananda, we discussed many times before and I can still remember what happened in your apartment in Denmark. It was scary. Thanks for the comment.

@Ash, Welcome back.

Rakesh said...

Great said..
Many things cant be proved, hence we can't even proof their existance also.

Aditi said...

hmm i guess its all a matter of belief and faith..

Anonymous said...

oh my!! im really scared of talking abt ghost...
your wife-chan & keshi-chan have seen them in real.
yeah i believe 100% they exist :)
and its fun to think about the ghosts of our loved ones come to see us sometimes.
boys dont believe very much thooo.
btw, the shot of athena looks great!!
good night pijush-chan!

Pijush said...

@Rakesh, Welcome to my blog. Yes not everything goes my mathematical theories. There are many things lies between 0 and 1. One can put logic 0 and other view can represent 1.

@Aditi, Yes you are right, its something like religion and God.

@ Niki, Thanks for liking the shot. The analogy is somehow correct, women believe in ghosts than men. I think its more associated with our psychology.