Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year 2008 to all of you, Lets rock and have fun. Wish you all very successful and prosperous year and my best wishes to your family.

Apologies for not wishing you personally. Neither I will be able to check your blogs in near future. But I will come back. Need a break from blogosphere for some days/weeks. I will tell the reason after my come back. Don’t worry guys, I am fine.

Keep smiling and Take care

PS: Couple of pics of last year in Syntagma Square – Greece where we started year 2007.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Age I Wish To Go Back To Meme

Niki-chan tagged me asking "The Age I Wish To Go Back To ". Thank You Niki chan.
I followed the way Niki-chan did. Going through my album of childhood and found many interesting moments.

My life was not always in positive tune. Like most of us there are many mistakes I did, but I am not going to think about those days. Being an optimistic guy I always looked forward. So, I want to go back only to my happy days.

Happiness comes in many forms. When I read a good book, it makes me happy. But if I talk about special moments I can remember many of them. The day we won the football tournament in University Hostel was special for me as I scored some unbelievable goals, the day I first flew to outside India (London) was very special for me as I explored another World that day, The day I got job was also special, Even the small events like Swarasati Puja was special to me as we used to celebrate it in our home every year in our childhood.

One of the days I often cherished was the day we won the Trophy for our school in class X. It was an inter-school essay competition and being the first and second boy of our class I and my brother participated in this one and won the trophy together. Bro won the best individual performance trophy. That day my parents were proud of us and we were in jubilant mood.

Me:Second from Left

But apart from these success stories another day we performed together in our Babuline Colony (Kharagpur), was a fascinating day to cherish. I want to go back to that day to act a drama in our children’s club - Ankur. I performed 3/4 dramas in my childhood, and believe me I was not good enough in acting. I was good in many things like sports and academics, but not in acting. Still I enjoyed it. The collective effort and performing in front of our elders was something I can not forget. Given the chance I want to do it again and want to go back at the age of 14, when I performed this drama(I was a farmer in this one) in our para along with my friends and bro.
What Age U Wish To Go Back ? You can pick the tag or post a comment :-)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dadaaa. Dadaaaaaaaa

I had written this post a year back And I got my no 10 on dada (Sourav Ganguly)

10) December 2007: A glorious double century in Bangalore followed by a magnificent century in Eden Garden, Kolkata and Man of the series against the arch-rival Pakistan to clinch the test series victory after 27 years in homeland.

Its just like a dream for me. The way he came back is awesome. He completed 1000 test runs in a calender year. He proved himself again. Dada is simply genius.

Dada is my hero. He impressed me many times. His reinvigorating fight back attitude and sheer mental strength rejuvenates me. I read his interviews when I feel low, I visit his site when I need inspiration, I truly admire him, love him from bottom of my heart.
He is the person for whom I loved cricket deeply, his exclusion (2005 from Indian cricket team) hurt me more than anything else, he is the reason I started hating cricket, and now he is the reason for my jubilant mood. Nothing can give me more pleasure than this man’s success, nothing can rejuvenate me than his character strength, nothing can make me proud than his victory.

I know there were many allegations against him and so as for his supporters. The Bong-connection factor was shown many times for our love to this great man. But now I should say, dada is not for Bengalis, he is the proud of India. In his bad days I was mentally with him, praying each and every moment for this living legend and I am concerned more than anything when he is under pressure. But today I am happy as my prince emerges triumphant.

Photo Source : Cricinfo
Sourav Ganguly is delighted after reaching a double-hundred, India v Pakistan, 3rd Test, Bangalore, 2nd day, December 9, 2007

Friday, December 7, 2007

And Back Again

This is what came in our first Corporate newsletter(i-sdc wave) 5 years(2nd June 2002) back. I thought to share with some of you. This week I have got net connection in my home, so I am back again in blogosphere, will keep posting..

Pijush Ranjan Ghosh - our very own artist at i-SDC who unlike most of us has an uncanny taste of creativity, as he captures the beautiful wallpaper on his desktop, to paper. Pijush has sketched this from a beautiful 'Victoria Memorial' wallpaper on his desktop. Heard anything like this?

Click to enlarge and Have a nice weekend.. Njoy