Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hits and Comments in Blogs..

How important is to read other blogs?

I will say, it is extremely important. Otherwise there is no meaning to be in blogosphere. I conducted a poll in this blog few weeks back and 85% of the voter claimed that they read more than 10 blogs per week. This is amazing.

Reading others blog is important because if you are not a good reader you can not be a good writer, something like, to be a good speaker, you must have to be a good listener. Another point is to know different dimensions and mindsets of bloggers. Believe me you will not be biased by other bloggers, you will learn a lot, will know many different things, like photography, innovative way of expressing yourself. It will basically widen your thoughts.

To read others blogs you can use Bloglines or subscriber or reader. I guess this is much better than blogrolling, as you will see the update instantaneously. You should not have to click manually to every blog.
But sometime blogrolling is good, to let others know about your choices, to access your favorite blogs directly.

What blogs to visit regularly is depends on you, but recently I found one funny thing, that most of the bloggers prefer to visit the blogs of opposite sex. Initially I thought it is my personal trend, but gradually discovered it’s a common trend. However there are exceptions. Just see your comments or last visited blogs, you will have an fair idea about it. In my case the proportion is 60:40 (sometime 70:30).

How important is to have comments and hits in your blog?

If your quality of blog is good, it is obvious that you will have huge no of hits. But its not going to happen in a day. You can track no of hits in many ways like feed burner, site meter.

Hits and comments are important for inspiration. One of my senior told me each of us needs a bit of motivation for next step, except few great men like Buddha. Thus every blogger is concerned about hits/comments and its trends. See the comment below from Chewy – (wrote to me against my last post)
"Some people try blogging because it's the "in thing" to do. Then they stop because they don't get any comments.I've learned that if I visit other people's blogs and leave a comment they will most likely return the visit and leave a message."

I have seen some blogs where there are huge no of hits but limited comments; it’s mainly because they don’t comment in other blogs. But commenting is very delicate matter in blogosphere. Comments like “Nice post”, “Thought Provoking Post” are not very interactive way of communication or putting your opinion. Try to write something elaborately about what you like and dislike. But I think its better not to write what you dislike strongly, because it can hurt the blog writer. We are in a digital community where everything is being judged by words and images. So try to encourage others and avoid putting hard and abusive comments. If you are a blogger never use anonymous coating.
Constructive criticism is most important thing in a comment. You must put your thoughts which reflect your personality. But many blogger can not accept it easily. It happened to me as well, I get bit depressed when I got poor rating in my pictures.But I still I like negative comments as it helps me to improve and it reinvigorates me.

You can have many hits from different types of Internet users, but very few of them will put comment. If the reader is not a blogger, he hardly gets interest to put comment. Thus even though you write well and don’t comment others, you are not going to have a proper reflection of your post. You may think this is superb, but most of the readers may not like it. I think a post without criticism means nothing. So if you feel to comment others post just write it, but never do it for shake of writing comment. I read almost all posts of my co-bloggers, but don’t comment in all.

Tagging and back linking are another interesting topic in blogging, I will write in another post.

PS: This pic is off the topic, of my niece (my sister's daughter) was taken when she was only 1 month old, now she is 3 months old. I am missing her.


Ananda Niyogi said...

"Very Nice Post!!!"

Hope I have not offended you with this comment :-))))))

Anonymous said...

So Pijush, lots of posts on advices these days on both of your blogs...chaliye jao boss. Porte besh bhaloi lage & I will wish, you meet your neice soon, she is very cute!

Anonymous said...

The photo is off topic BUT it caught my eye. A graphic or photo helps attract attention.

I'm enjoying your topics.

Aditi said...

quite an adorable kid

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I love this picture...and you're right baout blogging..as I've come to read more I have found that mine becomes more exposed and my writing quality is better...good post..hah...

Anonymous said...

woow thanks for the tip!! :D
yeah women love comments including words like 'pretty' n "beautiful".

Pijush said...

@Ananda, Thanks for the nice comment, I am not offended :-)
I told “Comments like “Nice post”, “Thought Provoking Post” are not very interactive way of communication..“

@Kalyan, Dhonyobad :-) tomader advise korar moto kichu nei boss .

@Chewy, Thanks for liking my post and sweet niece. She is first grandchild of my parents. Last time I went to India, I spent few days with my family. Cherishing those moments :-)
I agree with you that the look and feel and graphics play an important role to attract readers.

@Aditi, She is very cute, thanks for liking her.

@Princess, Welcome to my blog and thanks for the comment, You are absolutely right. It helps more if English is second language of the blogger, like me. I will write something about it in my next post. Keep coming.

@Niki-chan, you are simply beautiful :-) Have a nice weekend.

indicaspecies said...

Pijush, a good posting in which you have explained a few aspects of blogging from a realistic point of view.

Am not really tech savvy, so some terms like feed burner and site meter are not known to me.

Reading is one of my hobbies so there I have no problem at all. As to commenting (whether giving compliments or constructive criticism), when a post deserves it, I don't hesitate. However, I do not think many bloggers, like me, write or post pictures just to increase their hits and comments in blogs. I am sure there are many who do that simply because they enjoy doing so. The essence of the matter is you ought to enjoy doing what you are doing. What say?

Pijush said...

@Celine, Thanks for your complement. I am glad you found it realistic and informative.

You are right, I fully agree with you. Some of us pay attention in the decoration of foods and dishes while serving guests, whereas some of us love to do it for themselves. Everything is fine as long as we enjoying

Using Feed Burner and Site meter is quite easy, something like the blogger service. You can try once and ask me if you need some more help. Keep smiling.

backpakker said...

Hi there...what you have written is so true...I have just come back after a fortnight of travel and I realized how much I missed blogging ...more than posting , I missed reading other's blogs and understanding perspectives and thoughts ....

Ash said...

Interesting post ( Dont get offended. I mean it!)

Your niece is a cutie!

Pijush said...

@Backpakker, I am glad you liked this post. Blogging is a different world, where we make our own community and we often miss it if we are out of internet. But I am happy that you have a good trip of Europe and waiting for interesting posts.

@Ash, Oh no, I cant get offended so easily :-) , Thanks for liking my Princess.

Keshi said...

ur niece is ADORABLE!

**Comments like “Nice post”, “Thought Provoking Post” are not very interactive way of communication or putting your opinion.

I totally agree..


MM said...

My firsttime here, Pijush, and I shud say u have such an awesome blog.

Promise to be back here for more...


Anonymous said...

I have a bit of disagreement.

Comments like "nice post" may not very be very interactive.

BUT, I'd rather someone leave a comment saying "nice post" - or in my case - "nice painting" rather than visit my blog and remain silent.

Pijush said...

@Keshi, thanks for lovely comment, when she will grow up, I will share these comment with her.

@MM, Welcome to my World, I am delighted to get such a nice comment from a good film critic. Your blog is really interesting, though I need some time to go through it. Keep coming.

@Chewy, You are correct, I agree with you. What I mean to say here is its better to write short comment than no comment, and elaborate comment than short comments. I also write short comments when I have nothing to say :-). My friends are pulling my legs for fun. Very nice observation Chewy, Thanks.

Sigma said...

I will not go to the extent of saying that there is no meaning to be in blogosphere if you do not read other blogs. If one maintains a blog as an online diary, it is not a must to read others' blogs, and neither is receiving comments a motivation in that case. But I would concede, that there is a very small percentage of bloggers who will fall in this categoty.

Having said that, I will agree that reading other blogs is important, for many reasons. One thing is interaction - in these days, real life interaction with people who are not your colleagues or your relatives, is very limited. Blogging gives you an opportunity to interact with other people, share perspective on various topics, learn more about many different aspects, ranging from topical to general. It is a very effective channel to braoden your horizon.

I too find reader a very effective way to track updates on blogs I like to read. Since there is always a time constraint, it is difficult to keep checking blogs manually, and still more difficult to remember what you have read and what you haven't. A reader will nicely mark what posts of what blogs you have read.

I didn't have any idea about this trend - people prefer to visit blogs of people of opposite gender. Is it really true ? ;-) And I appreciate your honesty about it :-)

About hits/comments - it is true that if your posts are interesting, you will get a lot of comments. But it is not the entire truth. You also need to build a relationship with your readers. And you need to reciprocate the visits. This is not the ideal thing, but then the world never is. And as you said, what I too have observed is (and in part guilty of it too) is that if you write good posts, but do not reciprocate the visits, people may continue to visit your blog and read your posts, but will stop commenting after a while. Because, motivation is indeed a big factor - but this is true not just for writing posts, but for commenting too. Comments definitely motivate a blogger, and meaningful ones, i.e. with genuine feedback, helps him/her evolve, not just as a blogger, but also as a person. However, there are times, when I read a post, but dont really have anything to say - in that case I am not sure whether to leave a comment just to acknowledge my visit, and many times I dont.

PS: I think I can make this comment an entire post ;-) Now you can understand what took me so long to respond here. :-)

Pijush said...

Thanks very much for this detailed comment. Appreciate your thoughts.

Blogosphere means a community, so its essential to read other blogs. If someone wants to maintain it as online dairy, then two cases may happen.
1) He wants to share some thoughts with others and want their opinion.
2) If he is writing an honest dairy, that will be too person to share, so it must not be shared unless he is a personality like Santaram.

And you are right, a very small percentage of bloggers fall in that category.

Yes, reader is very nice tool. I just love it, and regarding the funny trend, just see the comment section of this post, 1:3. At one point of time, I was feeling little uncomfortable with my statistics, but later found its natural :-)

The point which I liked most in your comment is - ”You also need to build a relationship with your readers. And you need to reciprocate the visits.” Before writing these post I thought about this point and somehow missed it. Thanks for reminding. I fully agree with you.

Have a nice Sunday. Take care.

Sigma said...

I dont think you missed it ... you did say so, just put it in other words :-)