Sunday, September 30, 2007

Who was my best childhood friend?

I wouldn’t have thought if not someone asked this. But thanks to David, who asked and confused me by this simple question.

I thought of the many different things.

Was it the nice ball that my uncle has given me? I was delighted after getting it and played many years with that football.

Was it the cricket bat my father gifted after passing class I? Not to mention cricket was and still very close to my heart. We couldn’t live without playing cricket, be it small or long, we had to play everyday.

Was it the sets of kites or the ducks in the ponds, I used to see by my window in leisure times?

Was it the solitary banana and papaya tree in our house? The fresh guava, coconut, palm, mango, jackfruit, and pineapple we used to get/stole from the neighbouring areas climbing the trees.

Was it my drawing board I used to paint anything and everything? Especially I used to draw sceneries.

Was it my mirror, where I used to check how much I had grown up and always feeling scared as I thought, I will die soon if I grow too much?

Was it my dairy, where I used to write some funny things, small poems, cricket scores and paste the paper cutting pics of sportsmen?

Or Was it my strange thoughts and imaginations? I was crazy sometime and behaved abnormally for these thoughts.

Or the imaginary structures we used to make with dirty clays and sands?

Or Was it the fairy tales of “Thakurmar Jhuli”/ “Gopal Bhar” / “Sujon Harobola” or “Ramayana” and “Mahabharata”, two of my favourite TV serials I used to see in my childhood.

I am totally puzzled. Ten choices, and I don’t know what my favourite thing was, whom I can call my best friend. Which is why, I took some time to answer this question.

I decided to think again on my childhood. Closed my eyes for five minutes and got the answer.

I can see, With Him, I am playing funny games like kith kith, Langra chor (have to touch other player by running in one leg), hide and seek, football and cricket, sometime customized TT and hockey in the adjacent areas of our house in Kharagpur. I was never alone. He was always with me, from the day my first cell formed, from the moment I landed in this earth. He accompanied me each and every moment in my childhood, starting from going school, to play in the evening, from stealing the mango pickle in kitchen, to study together, we were together even when we fell sick.
I really miss his presence now. He was my best friend and still he is and will be. I love him.
He is no one but my Twin Bro :-) my best childhood friend.

PS: Both the pics are drawn in MS paint, I was conscious while drawing the first one, so personally second one is better to me.


Update on 01st Oct 4:00pm - This post is mentioned as one of the Top Posts Of The Day in Davids blog and another good news is, our project in Greece has gone live today successfully. So I am happy.


david mcmahon said...

Hi Pijush,

That was a glorious post in many ways. A wonderful message, a great affirmation of a sibling bond - and a unique way of sharing the image with us in MSPaint.

Great work



backpakker said...

Beautiful post ..brings out the person in you ..childhood is a great phase and we really get attached to many things ..i love calvin and hobbes mainly for that

Pijush said...


Thank You very much for such a complement. I am feeling delighted.
Regarding paintings in MS paint: I was not sure whether I can draw something. But when I see the paintings of Chewy, I thought some random strokes can mean many things, thus tried and these are now highly appreciated.

My bro is a nice painter. I am sharing one of his paintings which I scanned recently.
Keep smiling :-)


Thanks for lovely comment.
“childhood is a great phase and we really get attached to many things” - Yes it is. I enjoyed it most as we grown up in sub-urbs. Kharagpur is not like the mega cities and our parents never pushed us hard for study. So we enjoyed it in our fullest extent.
Take care.

krystyna said...

Hi Pijush!
I enjoyed your post and I can tell you - you created the wonderful, very inspiring place/s.
I'm going to be frequently here.
Have a successful days!

david mcmahon said...

Hope the golive has gone as planned.

Anonymous said...


Congrats on "Post of the Day".

Toys can be friends to a child. My father has a twin brother. It is a very special life-long bond.

Nice artwork in MS Paint. I especially like the second one. Shapes, kite, boat and swan overlapping... as thoughts often do in one's memory.

Sigma said...

Very warm and touching post. And a really interesting turn to close it. :-)
You and your brother are look very different!! I thought twins looked similar even if they were not identical :-D

Though I was quite surprised that when you were asked about your best friends, you remember your childhood toys. Toys are very precious part of childhood, and more so their memories, but my mind tends to correlate friends with people. But perhaps when you are a child you can be more attached to your playthings than your playmates :-)

Pijush said...


Jin Dobre and Welcome on board. I am glad you liked my place and I found “Evolving your Spirit” equally interesting. Keep coming.


Thanks again. We have a successful golive. I had to work the full weekend, first time after my marriage (though I used to work at least in Saturday when I was developer). But at the end I am happy to complete this challenging role and its now time to go back home, Kolkata.


Thank You. Yes, you are right, my bro is very close to me. Nice to know that your father and uncle are twins.
“Shapes, kite, boat and swan overlapping... as thoughts often do in one's memory.” - Yes very true, I took few minutes to draw each of them and drew randomly whatever came in my mind.


Thanks for the complement. Banda khus hua :-)
“I thought twins looked similar even if they were not identical” - We both are completely different, in thought, look, perfection, priorities, choices except the heart and voice. It’s hard to believe that he is my own brother. I am like my dad and he is like mom. But our destinies are almost same. Both are engg, working in same company in same technology :-)

“Though I was quite surprised that when you were asked about your best friends, you remember your childhood toys.” No, actually I started thinking in same direction, thought about one of my good friends in primary school. But somehow I did not feel to write about him. So, tried to think in different ways and wanted to priorities the toys and playthings, but finally chose my playmate :-)

Keshi said...

aww u hv a twin bro? how nice! Wut a warm n loving post here Pijush. Im glad to see u 2 share that kind of bond n friendship. Well-done guys!


Ash said...

Beautiful nostalgic post....loved it!

Melissa said...

I came by your blog through David's. This was a very touching post. I know having three sisters how close I am with them, but I have always heard the bond with a twin is even closer.
It's amazing when you grow up and realize you have a friend in a sibling. Great writing!

indicaspecies said...

When young, a sibling is often the first one in your life who plays with you, laughs with you and experiences the wonderfully confusing time of childhood with you.

You have a beautiful and heart-felt post here Pijush and good to read what you have to share about your twin brother with us. I also like your MS Paint pictures.

Congratulations on making it to David's Post of the Day. Well-deserved. :)

Pijush said...

Thanks buddy for your nice comment.

Many thanks for loving the post, Take care.

Welcome to my small World and thanks for such a warm comment.
“the bond with a twin is even closer”. Yes I also feel so and the most interesting part is our bond is even stronger with time as we realized how important we are to each of us.

Many Thanks for your appreciation. I am delighted.
Yes I agree that “a sibling is often the first one in your life who plays with you”.

Anonymous said...

WoW, Pijush....this was one excellent reading...you have put down so many nostalgic moments, I can relate it so mush with me and will be really thinking over them tonight. Somehow I just cannot put down my exact expressions after reading this post. You have to come near me to check it out....excellent paintings....It deserves the 'Post of the Day'...Hats off!

Pijush said...

@Kalyan, Many thanks for such a nice comment. You and I are almost from same background and thus you can correlate. Think today and it will be nice if you can share some of our overlapping thoughts. Take care.

backpakker said...

Congrats Pijush - you have started this month on a high , both personally and professionally and I hope this lasts ..i know about Kharagpur though have never visited.My brother went to IIT there for a seminar recently - I am sure childhood memories are still the best ..its sad that childhood comes but once :(

Anonymous said...

we dont have banana papaya guava coconut palm mango jackfruit. all are imported. sooo envy!
i really think that pic is like twin sinsters.
coz they are darn cute and wearing ribbons :D

Pijush said...

Thanks very much for your nice words. I am happy that now I have so many good blog friends who are real well wisher of mine. “its sad that childhood comes but once” - Yes I also feel so. I never wanted to grow fast or be adult (quite opposite of my friends) and still miss my childhood days.

Yes we are lucky that we have fertile land and good weather. So we are enriched by various trees and fruits. “i really think that pic is like twin sinsters.” - LOLZ

Anonymous said...

awww im sorry abt the typo mistake!!
sinsters? sounds like monsters lol