Thursday, May 31, 2007

Agression and Compromise

One of the recent feedbacks I have got from my European colleagues is, I am not that aggressive and that allows others to take additional advantage on me. Too nice is not good enough. Someone can dominate, misuse sometime. But truly speaking I do not want be aggressive because I get arrogant and rough when I am angry. In past, there were innumerous incidents when I lost control in anger and that cost me a lot.

Typical characteristic of a common Indian is to make compromise and I am not exceptional. I have got a fact that India had not invaded any country in last thousand years. We have always defended foreign attacks. This is simply amazing. The perseverance and heritage that Indian Culture has gained in thousands of year is unequivocally appreciated. Being an integral part of that civilization obviously my nature is influenced by it. Compromises give lot of satisfaction and stabilization. It gives me immense pleasure and self satisfaction, when someone is happy for my compromise and some problem is solved for our understandings. Compromise sometime results in devotion and sacrifice, whereas aggression often comes closer to selfishness.

But if one is never aggressive and always compromises he is WRONG sometime. The proper balance of aggression and patience is important. Anger is bad, but if it is in right time, with proper magnitude and well directed, then it is better than anything else. It can drive many things, can solve many issues.

In this regard I want to talk about two Indian personalities. First one, Mahatma Gandhi, who introduced Satyagraha, was an emblem of compromise. He has shown the way of showing aggression in a controlled passion. It’s not always compromising and sacrificing, but also putting up the relevant issues to the British Govt and took necessary actions for Independence.

Another example is Sonia Gandhi (unfortunately I dont like her). Being a non Indian (in the sense she can’t speak any Indian Language and not exposed to Indian Culture, she left India once after her marriage with Rajeev Gandhi, for not liking the country, may be this is the reason I do not like her) she can never be the Prime minister of the nation. She is aggressive but the devotion she has shown by refusing the post of PrimeMinisterShip was really praiseworthy. She has own the heart of millions and has became an admirable person in India.

Mahatma was by nature a person of sacrifice, has shown how controlled aggression can result in Independence, where as Sonia is an aggressive political leader, has shown how devotions can melt the bitterness of billions of Indians. Thus, it is important to have a proper balance of Aggression and Compromise in order to achieve the equilibrium in all aspect. We can say it as a controlled aggression, which means control over aggression to me.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Genographic Project -II (Male carries the Ancestry)

We are still living is a male dominated society, where the Surname of male is still used as Family name.
Specially in India, we have some common believes that women are responsible for giving birth male child and only the male child can carry the ancestry.
The first one is definitely a misconception. We knew from the school that the sex of the child is determined by the father. Here is a small revision.
Male contains X and Y Chromosomes; Female contains X and X. So for a son the Y chromosome has to come from the Father.
But it is true that the family characteristics propagate through males. So “male child can carry the ancestry” is not a misconception. See the flowing explanations.
I have found the following 4 slides in http://www.dnaancestryproject.com/ ; where it tells

“A male inherits his Y-Chromosome directly from his father. The Y-Chromosome
that a male receives from his father is very special because it holds a lot of
valuable information about his ancestry. This is because the Y-Chromosome is
passed down along the male line, relatively unchanged from generation to
generation. A forefather will pass his Y-Chromosome down to all of his sons, and
they will then pass it down to all of their sons, and so on throughout the
generations along the male line. Thus, males who are descendents of the same
line will have the same or nearly identical Y-Chromosomes.”

"When a Y-Chromosome genealogy test is performed, the laboratory examines
specific regions (markers) along the Y-Chromosome called "hypervariable"
regions. Hypervariable regions are areas within the Y-Chromosome that may differ
greatly between different family lines. The type of hypervariable region which
is studied in Y-Chromosome testing is called STR markers (stands for "Short
Tandem Repeat" markers). STR markers are regions of the Y-Chromosome where small chunks of the DNA are repeated over and over again. The number of times that these small chunks of DNA repeat themselves in the Y-Chromosome is variable amongst different family lines."

So, we can conclude that the unique ancestral traits are carried only by the male members because, all males with the same ancestors will have the same or similar Y DNA markers. For the female it gets overlapped with many different genes from mother sides.

After going through these slides, the basic question that came to my mind is if human is originated from single person, then the Y pattern (ATGC base patterns) will be same for all male in this world, which is not.

There are 2 possibilities. The first one if the initial set of Homo sapiens originated in different parts, who had different Y chromosomes. But still this one is not that convincing because as a consequence large section of human has to contain same Y patterns, which is not the reality.

Second possibility that came in my mind is Mutation (the abrupt change of Gene orientation of a species due to some external factors). This is the case probably, for details I have to dig more into the subject and will keep you updated.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Genographic Project - I (Sample DNA of 2 Indians)

I really don’t know why India and Pakistan fight between each other, why we pretend Africa is backward in terms of civilization, I wonder why we conclude the white are more civilized than black? Science proved everything wrong by virtue of innovative researches and experiments.
Yes, a stunning result from The Genographic Project revealed many mysteries’ of human migration. It’s a joint venture of IBM and National Geographic and the project is still going on. Being an Indian I first checked the result of the Geographic projection of IBM India Country General Manager(from AP, ancestors from Tamil Nadu)

"Shanker’s DNA matches that of Haplogroup R1A, a group that scientists believe
probably formed in what is now Pakistan and northern India about 30,000 years
ago. About 20 percent of the men in India are in Haplogroup R1A.
But Shanker probably has many distant relations in Europe as well. For example, R1A is the predominate type of DNA found in Poland. Geneticists believe that the group spread westward from India in an arc that went through central Asia to Russia and as far west as eastern Germany."
Isn’t it stunning!! My belief was that the David civilization was hardly affected by the Aryans and they are the natives of India, confined in the southern territory. I was wrong.

Another well known truth is that the first human was originated in Africa, all of our grand grand ……..grand father (we call him Adam) was from this poorest ebony continent, and when I see read that article, I feel sorry for all the bloody wars, racism, cast, creed, religion and all possible man made divisions. Under one umbrella we all are living and our source is same.

I guess I am talking hypothetical. Lets come back to the reality with some more details of Geographic project, where the family tree DNA testing results in charting the genetic lineage.

"By unlocking DNA, you can find out very interesting information about your
personal migration pattern over the last tens-of-thousands of years," says
It’s called "The Genographic Project," and the theory behind the
DNA testing is that we all share a common ancestor who lived in Africa 120,000
years ago.
Sixty thousand years ago, our ancestors began migrating to the
Middle East, India, Asia and Northern Europe. With each move, mutations occurred
in the DNA and each mutation is associated with a place and time in history.
That's the crucial link scientists need to be able to tell where you came from.
I found it really interesting, the mind boggling results has answers many questions of human civilization and yet to explore the minute details and intricacies of human migrations.
Lets take an example of another Indian, Aseem Adhav working in IBM US.

"Born and raised in India, Aseem Adhav discovered his DNA places him in
haplogroup R (M173). This lineage first appeared about 35,000 years ago and
probably arose among migrant hunters from central Asia who moved west and then
east. This was the first large scale settlement of Europe by modern humans. This
group was responsible for the famous cave paintings in Lascaux and Chauvet and
may have hastened the disappearance of the Neanderthals by out-competing that
species for resources."

Again I am taken aback. According to my knowledge the European civilization(Greek 3000BC) was more ancient than the Indian one(2500BC). However the first human civilization(70000BC) was originated in Africa, the Mother Nation. Well, its the necessity, weather, circumstances, history, nature and interests made each of the country, civilizations so different, but the basic of every human is identical.

The ambitious five year program by National Geographic and IBM is now in middle and way to go to explore the mysteries, how we have traversed many different paths in different time line and shaped our civilization. I will come up with more details in subsequent posts and lets see whether this project can reveal the secret fact - Laden is a remote brother of Bush.
PS: I am only proving the information available in Net which is not confidential. The picture is taken by me in Helsingor Castle, Denmark.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Nostradamus Code: World War III

It is always interesting to read something about the future, especially the complex word puzzle constructed by Nostradamus. Many different people has interpreted it in different way and tried to formulate the prediction. Thousands of Internet sites and books are available in different languages. The first one I read was few years back after WTC attack, which claims the prediction was done by Nostradamus with specific date and place. Well, when I read the original version, it’s quite vague and many things can be interpreted from it. One of the funny interpretations is that, after third and final World War, the only country which will exist, is India.

Couple of years back (I can not recall the date) one of the Nostradamus book was very famous in US, where his words has been interpreted like the catastrophe will happen on that date and that’s the end of this civilization. There have also been several well-known internet hoaxes which created trouble in different countries.

The latest one is World War III. It came in form of Book recently, though we are listening from the very first year of 21st century. This book The Nostradamus Code: World War III by Dr. Michael Rathford (who cracked The Nostradamus Code using cutting-edge data mining techniques) claims the same story about a devastating warfare between Christ and Antichrists. This War will start from this year and will be more devastating than any other War world has ever seen. Nuclear weapon will be used by Middle East Leader.

This book claims

During a period of continuing unrest, the leader of a Middle Eastern
country will be able to obtain a nuclear weapon. He will go to the greatest
lengths over the smallest things and will not hesitate to use the weapon because
of his obsessions with deadly warfare. The people he is warring against
retaliate with a nuclear weapon. The country has a coast on the

Well its really pointing on the A conflict between the US and Iran, but I guess this Nostradamus interpretations are broadcasted only when we can see the possibilities or the incident already has taken place. Our curiosity and uncertainties of future are making Nostradamus hero of the World as long as something really devastating happens.

Google - The great innovation

Apple tops the Business Week-Boston Consulting Group’s list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for the third year in a row while Google maintained it second position (Topped as employer). The Apple iPod -- which has become a cliché of innovation -- evolved from playing songs to displaying pictures to running video, even as it became lighter and thinner. I use an ipod which is excellent and I do feel Apple deserve to be one of the leading innovators. Considering the evolution of ipods in recent years Apple topped the list.

But if we consider 21st Century (last few years); I will say Google is my choice for Most Innovative Company. One can very well ask why? What special about it. Google has a good search engine, but it was designed long back in last years 20th Century. And services like Email, Blog etc are provided by innumerous service providers.

I was introduced to the real world of Google on 2005 and its long 2 years I am using many different services of it, some of which are completely innovative and I was not expected it. It surprised me by modest graphics, robust integration between different services and constant upgradations.

Before that I used to have some Yahoo account and thought its good enough for sending and receiving mails and in some cases Yahoo chat was also good. So I was reluctant to have another Google mail and initially though what’s special about it. But found it much better than any other service providers after few months of use. Though one of my project senior still thinks Yahoo is better :-)

The Google service which impacted me

1. Google Maps and Google Earth: This is the first online map of Kolkata I have seen. There was before some maps but not so clear and detailed; rather scanned copies. It’s under development and yet to cover the small towns and villages. However Google Earth is a fascinating innovation which enables me to find all homes I stayed in the Globe so far starting from Kharagpur Railway Quarter to Henrik Ibsen Vej, Copenhagen.
2. Gmail is very special because of its orientations. Gtalk is embedded and the chained reply messages (mails) are kept in a same folder, which helps to find any message easily. In addition, if it is a group mail, separate colours for different users makes the look and feel really good.
3. Blog: Its just a dream for me. In childhood my dream was to make some dairy kind of thing with my pictures and associated descriptions. I never have though about such an excellent tool which not only make help me to maintain digital dairy, but also can help me to get connected with a cultured global community.
4. Picasa: I just love it, wonderful tool from Google. Its free. I didn’t know I have so many pictures in my Laptop before I installed it. I can mail, blog, print, exports from Picasa. But I use it for changing the look and feel of my pictures. I cant leave without it.
5. Google Docs: Helps me to keep some of my documents online. The important feature is one can convert the doc to pdf from this tool, can make direct blog posting and save draft as well.
6. Picasa Web: For online web album. Public/Private/Protected(Specific users) options are always there, like in blog and docs.
7. There are certain tools which I use, like Google Home page www.google.co.in/ig to customize home page with my favorite links and sites. Google reader keeps track of site browsing, note keeps history etc.
8. And of course Google Search. The most efficient and user friendly search. Any specific search can be carried out through it, like blog or book or image search.
9. Clear voice talk Google talk has helped me to save some money. I usually call my family and friends through this if we both have net connection. I like the graphics and hide/block nature of Gtalk.
10. Of course there are services like Orkut - interactive service (I do not use for specific reason) impacted millions of young Indians of late. Finally I like the Google integration of all services through one ID, some of which I have explained below.
Integration points

#Blogger user id has changed to Gmail ID, basically Gmail Id is the single user name for all services to track all activities

#Gtalk is embedded in Gmail and Gtalk chat history can be saved in Gmail
#Opened any document with Google Doc – the document will automatically be a part of Google docs and spreadsheet.
#The photos shared by Gtalk is saved in local disc and automatically recognised by Picasa
#Pictures can be uploaded in Picasa Web Album through Picasa
#Blog, Mail, export facility is also available in Picasa
#Blog pictures are automatically included in picasa web
#Blogpost can be done from the Google documents and spreadsheets directly
#Blog comments are directly connected to Gmail
#Googla Map and Google Earth has been combined for different views
#All possible specific searches have been kept like Book,Map,Blog etc

"Don't Be Evil" phylosophy of Google is also praise worthy, who never claims money for additional services, provide enough spaces which increases with time and usage. Google has singular focus on users. Even one can earn money by his blog with relevant ads from Google AdSense.

The history of Google is based on innovative research of Sergey Brin, Larry E. Page, (Co-Founder, and now Google President) who still admit that the best innovation happens only under time pressure and employee friendly work atmosphere. That’s why every Google employee gets 15% of their paid work hours to invest in their hobbies/ subject of interest which makes an employee friendly atmosphere and in turn helps to create innovative ideas in employee’s mind. Thus Google is my choice for most innovative company.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What does Innovation means to me?

In general:
ØA method which is not conventional
ØA thinking which has not been thought before
ØA concept to make a thinks better
ØA tool which will ease our work

In details (few examples):
ØInnovation never means discovery (something is there and we have found it), rather innovation is something which is out of the common pattern and beyond the obvious things.
ØLike a new method of having most employee satisfaction in an Industry is an innovation, such as interactive wiki.
ØInnovation is something which opens a new dimension in our thought, like the second life, it gives a new concept for creating the Universe.
ØThe concepts can be in packing a material, or searching the knowledge documents, if it is a new concept it is innovation
ØObviously a new tool is an innovation, such as Tsunami detector devise

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Personality and Charisma

One of our desires is to be popular and to be center of attraction of a huge mass. I guess its driven by lot of parameters and constraints, which mostly dependent on our personality and charisma.
I was discussing about Charisma and Personality with one of my close friend come colleagues, Ananda and reached a conclusion that it’s a great mystery, why we like someone and why people’s choice differs. I have put some thought in the weekend regarding it.

I initially thought about some common points. We like them who are flexible, open and kind hearted, nice in behavior and talking. Successful or highly educated personalities are also popular. May be celebrities are well accepted to common people, sometime the senior managers can influence the common workers and someone who has deep thinking can attracts others. I like someone thinking in my way and concerned about my identity.

But I was wrong, as I can site numerous so called controversial personality people follows. Osama Bin Laden, Parveg Musharof, Sourav Gangly, Mahatma Gandhi are some kind of personalities whom either you like or dislike, you just can’t ignore them.

Recently one experiment in Japan has proved that will power of human can influence the movement of water in a glass. Similarly one man can also influence others. Let’s take an example of Vivekananda. Once he told that he can drink the whole sea in his hands, he can demolish mountain by virtue of his will power (“Ami gonduse somudra pan koribo, amar iccha matro porbot churno hoiya jaibe”). Being a simple monk, he mesmerized, rather hypnotized everybody in the parliament of religion.

Human being is a charged particle; the orientation is controlled by the human brain. The atomic charge flow and orientation in human body is called Sarbionetics. The will power is the method of orientations. More we have better we can control the action of the external world. One can increase his will power through controlled and continuous practice of certain subjectivity (like religious meditation, believing and thinking particular subject, which leads to some action) or objectivity (Certain Objectives of life, like corporate objective, personal objective). This power provides us huge determination and confidence, which enables us to form our personality. The extreme state of applying will power is hypnotism, by which one not only can attract others, but also can influence and control them.

But it can also happen that ones atomic orientation is automatically inherited by birth and his personality and appearance is attractive. We can call it in born Charisma.
The will power orient atomic particles of human body in particular fashion so that it can attracts everything of outer world. The attraction is nothing but the charged particles of one’s try to orient (or charge) the loosely coupled particles of others, through his action, personality and speeches. The charged body of that person creates such an ambience which automatically attracts others who are less charged or in the lighter version. But this charged personality can be influenced by someone, who is charged in the higher level.
This attraction is not only being done by physical or personal appearance, but also by speeches, writings, appearance in television, and all possible sense organs.

I should not use the word attraction, rather it’s affecting others which results in acceptance or disliking. The affect is also dependent on the nature of people, like the orientation of charge of a Muslim fanatic is oriented in such a way that it gets always affected by the words of Osama Bin Laden where as if someone is thinking deeper in same direction of mine, I appreciate his personality.