Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Domain for Kharagpur


Recently I tried to search my hometown in net and I was very disappointed by the results. There is no good site on this industrial town. To be precise I haven’t found any site only for Kharagpur. Thus I decided to launch a site on my home town.

I need a help regarding this. As I am going to open a site on Kharagpur, I need to buy a domain for that. The first domain I searched was kharagpur.com, which is already booked by some commercial agents and asking for $10,210. So obviously I need to search another domain. Kgp.com was my next one, which is also already taken. So I tried with many different options. These are the following which is available. I need to know which will be suitable and easy to remember and use. Please put your view in the comment section.


My final choices are between 5 and 6 mostly, but still want to check your views. If you have any more idea about domain names or content, please share. Appreciate your comment and thoughts regarding this. Thanks in advance.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Finally Summer came

And a new journey begins in Chicago, the windy city, where life is full of drama, activities and fun. The cityscape of Chicago is awesome. I have never seen before, not even in Europe.

The contrast of Lake Michigan with the High-rises amazed me. I took a few pics and the following is the superimposed of 2 of them. Summer made is more fascinating and it is the best time of the year to be here.

There are lots to see, many things to explore. I am enjoying the days with my project colleagues. They are cordial and friendly; I think I am lucky to be associated with a charming set or people. So my next few posts will be on Chicago. Enjoy the summer.
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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This winter is hard to pass by. Started in India few months back, followed by wet Easter in Chicago, and still waiting for a nice spring. Came back to India for a short period but missed the spring and feeling the scorching heat of early summer in my heart and soul. The melancholy tone of a solitary cuckoo is not enough, neither the blessings from rafalaki. Its all about global warming and globalization, impacted the weather and life immensely, but still hoping that the spring will come soon.
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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hi Friends

Thanks for all your comments during last few months, appreciate it. I am back, but very busy with new project, and will soon start blogging. Ups and downs are there in life and we move on, thus I moved to United states and will keep posting after few weeks.
It will be nice if you can drop a comment about what you special did new in last 3 months. Thanks again for your kind words.