Thursday, September 6, 2007

Why Blogging?

Because I want to blog, I want to make an identity, make a community, and share my thoughts and pics?

No, after certain point most of us blog because of our blogging syndrome.

We come here to write something, but at the end of the day end up in nothing. Because of work pressure, lack of innovation, not having good writing skills, not being able to put up the thoughts?

No. The main reason is we don’t know the reason why we are here. It has to be clear in bloggers’ mind.

Innovation does matter, but what matter most are the ideas. Ideas are basically thoughts of a particular direction; I mean to say of a particular topic or aim.

Skills and time are not big factors, you can accrue skills with time and you can always find time for your things of interests.

But if only blogging is your interest, you are gone. Soon you will suffer from blogging syndrome and haunt for topics.

Random thoughts can not keep your blog regular and ever lasting. It will die after few months/years unless you have extremely good skills. I am sorry for being harsh; I know how much we love our blogs, but this fact dear.

Then what can make your blog be exceptional, different from others?

One way is to attract your readers with some interesting tags. Keep a suspense tag which will invoke regularly and bloggers will come to your blog, just for it.

Another way is if you live with an idea and if your blog reflects that idea/dream then you are in the right track. The momentum, pace will come from your dreams. You should not have to haunt for subjects, because you know exactly why you are here.

Let’s come to some examples.
David’s Authorblog has many innovative tags to attract bloggers worldwide. Weekly blog rating (Aussiejourno's Weekly Blog Awards), Weekend Wandering, Post of the day etc. His blog will be ever green as he knows why he is in blogosphere (“Totally committed to encouraging excellence in others”).

There are many examples. Chewy, from Western Massachusetts, United States, just enjoys painting, this is her passion. And she knows why she is here.

Well, not everyone has a passion and that never means you should not blog. You can catch a theme of your interest. A good example if Niki’s blogs, a very simple but straight minded and excellent blog of an honest Japanese girl. The blog is nothing but her online dairy. So she enjoys every bit of it. It is important.

Blogging is a good addiction as long as you are enjoying it. Happy Blogging.

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Anonymous said...

whoaaaa lol
thanks sooo much for analyzing my simple blog, pijush-chan!
laughed@ blogging syndrome.
that cartoon was funny. husband says to his wife,
"u dont have to waste time asking me how my day went.." haha!
love this post.
happy blogging!

Mumbai Guy said...

I like blogging but oflate I hardly have time from work and social affairs. But yupe, keep blogging.

Anonymous said...


Nice blog. I started my blog mainly to show my paintings, but it has grown to include photography, thoughts, questions, vacations, etc.

Thanks for mentioning my blog site in your post. (smile)

btw The photo in your header is great. Appears they are waving "Hi, Welcome".

Ash said...


Keshi said...

I agree Pijush.


Pijush said...

@Niki, Yes the cartoon is really funny. I liked it too. Take care and keep away from earth quacks and storms.

@Mumbai Guy, Welcome to my blog. Keep coming.

@Chewy, Thanks for liking the photo in the header. I like your blog too.

@Ask,Keshi, TK, Thanks.

Anonymous said...

awww sooo kind :)
thanks a lotttt!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Pijush...now you have really made me think. You have made some wonderful analysis & I just can't agree with you more....btw...any special tips for me!

Pijush said...

@Kalyan, Thanks for your comment. Your posts are very special, but what I like most is your Calcutta blog as it is well directed, it has a theme.
So in Heavens Garden you can pick up set of themes and post on that. Your thoughts should be directed to those themes, and as you will penetrate the deepest fragrances of those themes, the quality of posts will be better and better.

david mcmahon said...

Hi Pijush,

Very evocative post. Love the header.

I'm a big fan of Chewy too.

Thank you for the kind mention.

Keep smiling


Pijush said...

Hi David,

Thanks for your encouraging comment. It means a lot to me.

Keep coming and take care,