Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Religious Paintings ; Some thoughts

Today is 60th Independence Day of India. Coincidentally its national holiday here in Greece, for orthodox Christian religious day. So, it I enjoyed the whole day with a good food, TV, Internet and a long drive to Rafina beach. It was a fantastic day.

I got a mail on M.F. Hussein’s paintings from one of my friends and it made me thinking little bit so just posted the following post. By religion I am a Hindu, but hardly follow any rituals. I am proud to be associated with the age-old heritage of Hinduism; religion is something which gives me an identity, which makes me open to the World to accept others, to understand the divine of humanity. I truly accept every race, religion and go to Church, Gurudwara, Temples and all possible religious places, like to participate in many different religious festivals. My concept of God completely varies from all religion (matches somehow with Islam but I hardly got the freedom to participate with them).

Religion is something which will not make be confined, will not restrict me from doing something, will not cause others problem, and will not make be violent, aggressive. I eat beef, which is prohibited in Hinduism. But I do it as I think there is nothing illogical (if we cook it properly). With change of time the ritual changes, the religion takes a new shape, but the basic remains same. Religion teaches us to live in harmony, to love each other.

Then one may ask why I have done the post on Hussein. Its only to put up his thoughts. I don’t want to comment on these pictures, I posted them as it was sent in mail. But there are some definite thought of perversion and these creation will definitely hurt many Hindus. MF Hussein is a great painter, but biased somehow. I have no problem to accept these creative paintings, but majority of Indians really feel ashamed of it.

In my next post I will try to put up something controversial, what if it has been done with Islam. How would they react? But I will not explain the differences, as I am not here to judge anyone; I am only posting the facts.


Anonymous said...

maybe he just wants to be famous for offending so many ppl in the world.