Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cats : India and Europe

I have been to India last month . Whenever I visit my home soil, it gives me amazing feelings. The smallest things, tiniest creatures give me immense pleasure, I can feel the difference when I come back here in Europe. Its completely a different planet with strictly defined laws, different atmosphere of work, different life to lead.

I like the balance of both the life, which is why I usually spend half a year in India and other half in another countries (although now it has become one year in India and one year in other countries). The balance makes it more interesting, otherwise it would have been a boring life for me. But now I can not enjoy life in a place more than a year, which is definitely not good. I think this trend is now in my family, because we moved a lot in last 60 years, starting from Bangladesh(Dhaka) to Maharastra(Nagpur) and then back to Kharagpur(where I born) and now in Kolkata(where I live in India).

Coming back to the main discussion, I can feel a basic differences in every creature in Europe and in India. Let’s take an example of dogs. They are mainly domestic in Europe, trained and nurtured in proper way, thus they are well behaved, they don’t bite everyone, do not make chaos because the basic needs have been taken care. The situation is quite different in India.

See the cute sweet cats next to my doorsteps in Kharagpur. Their eyes are telling that they are hungry; they need little more love and foods. They were struggling for foods, but still not complaining as they have such a sweet heart. The most unfortunate part of the story is the small one died next day by a bit of a street dog.
Whereas the cats in Delphi, Greece are looking quite relaxed as they don’t have competitions for basic needs, having a small nap in a typical way. They look happier than the common people of poor countries.

I want to draw an analogy not only for dogs and cats, for people also. The basic atmosphere depends on the mentalities of common people. In India 50% people are poor, fight for the basic needs, for Food Shelter and cloths. They struggle to make both the ends meat. When I was standing in a traffic jam, a small boy came with a bouquet and I refused. Then I asked about the root, he happily guided me without any expectations. The smile was genuine which only can come from a lovely heart. I felt sorry for the kind hearted boy, who is struggling to survive; whereas the dogs in developed nations are leading much better life than them. This is the reason I hate pets.
Not everything is measured by self interests in India. A country with a beautiful heart is struggling to make both the ends meat, though many of them are happy.
The situation here is completely different. People can do whatever they want to, can play football for entire life, can focus on anything, because they are not afraid of basic needs. The health and education is also covered by the state, thus the environment is not so competitive (though we can see healthy competition in all environment) and the life is peaceful. They can focus on many different things in which the country can prosper, can write blogs for years, and can enjoy long vacations.
I strongly believe that mere charity can not solve this issue. I really don’t know how we can bridge the differences. A poor Indian can not afford to go to school while they fight for foods everyday, whereas if not they are properly educated the state is not going to improve.

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Anonymous said...

Thats an wonderful analysis, Pijush. You have really put the entire thing in perspective. I really cannot agree more with your thoughts and I can also add everything in life shouldn't be measured with money else the real joy or the ecstasy of the heart really loses out as also the satisfaction...Excellent post!

Ananda Niyogi said...

A quote from the book Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts - a view of India as seen by an outsider who fell in love with the country....I found this relevant to your post here -

"Damn right you don’t, man. This is not England, or New Zealand, or Australia, or wherever the fuck else. This is India, man. This is India. This is the land of the heart. This is where the heart is king, man. The fuckin’ heart. That’s why you’re free........ .....That’s how we keep this crazy place together – with the heart. Two hundred fuckin’ languages. And a billion people. India is the heart. It’s the heart that keeps us together. "

It is my personal opinion that since Independence we have achieved very little to be proud of. But its amazing how even the poorest of poor survive in sub-human conditions with a smile on their face.

Anonymous said...

so very true!!
therefore im not doing any charity activities.
oh love that shot of sleeping cats!

Pijush said...

@Kalyan, Thanks for your comment. That’s the reason I prefer not to migrate to foreign location with permanent job. The balance gives me satisfaction.

@Ananda, your quote is perfect. It touched my heart; agree that India is the heart. It’s the heart that keeps us together

@Niki, Nice to know that you do charity, I love the first shot. Thanks for the comment.