Thursday, August 16, 2007

Danish Newspaper Cartoon

In continuation of my MF Hussein's painting posts, I am posting two photos published in Danish Newspaper on 2005, caused Islamic resentment worldwide. I am not justifying anything, only putting up some facts.
These cartoons of Mohammad published in Jyland Posten and then circulated in many countries, I guess the revolt had made it more popular. I donno whether that was the intention of MF Hussein while painting Hindu Goddess.


Anonymous said...

I am giving my observations after going through your three posts on this issue. I believe in the name of 'freedom of art' everything cannot be justified. There should be a certain line of restriction. You have to respect the society you stay, however big or famous you may be and when you are trying to apply double standards to your ownself, I think that's more hypocritical than anything else. Maybe because our Indian society is so carefree and the political system practice such pseudo-secularism, that these kind of people get away with doing anything.

I appreciate your posting on this issue.

Pijush said...

Thanks Kalyan for sharing your view. I am glad that you put up your feeling honestly and 'freedom of art' never means freedom to hurt. I agree that our political system practices such pseudo-secularism.

Anonymous said...

i cant see these pictures. *sob*