Wednesday, August 8, 2007

"The Road to pSingularity” by Dr. Prithwis Mukerjee

Recently I have gone though an excellent book of different dimensions - “The Road to pSingularity” by Dr. Prithwis Mukerjee, a Imagineer per-excellence, director of a Big Global IT firm in Kolkata.
Yesterday I got to know that the book is available in paperback version also.

Readers who are going through this blog first time, may have some problem to understand the inherent meanings of this concept of Singularity and may find some new terms like MMORPG and Second Life. But if you read the whole book thoroughly, you can understand it for sure. It is very well written with natural examples and real life feelings. The basic fact is the concept of singularity can only be understood better if one can feel it. I was in a seminar last year and was totally moved by the concept of Singularity/Vedanta/Second life. I felt I was living in a virtual world and that feeling existed almost half a year. It was an amazing experience, whenever, wherever I am going was feeling everything virtual, starting from the place, people to destiny. To me it is another game, someone is playing and I still believe in this concept. I documented some of my feelings in this blog.

Coming back to the book, it is illustrated with very creative thoughts and personal real life feelings. The innovative concept of living in YantraJaal is connected with Vedanta and Matrix. The author articulated that, It is all Maya (in Deccan Herald) and we are living our Nth life in this virtual world, whom we called Earth. Definitely a slow and through reading of this thought provoking book will take you to different dimensions.

You can read the full book online at HERE OR can BUY the paperback edition at HERE.

Before reading, I will recommend to see this video first. Pls send the your review to the Author.

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Kalyan said...

I must say Pijush, your writing really is interesting me to go in depth into this topic. Will definitely check the links you have provided....Nice post!

Anonymous said...

that was a cool video!!