Tuesday, August 21, 2007

100th POST

I came to blog world around 6 months back and this is my post no 100 (total in 3 blogs, this one, Travel and Photo blog). It was not an outstanding show and I am not happy, mainly because of my writing skills (I still feel uncomfortable to write good English). Leaving apart the literature part there are many positive aspects also. I got some good blog friends like Kalyan, David, Cuckoo, Stacy, Mridula, Sigma, Niki, Celine, Ash, Backpakker.. and many more. It was totally a new world where I put up my emotions, feelings, experiences, travel, photos.

I have more than 1000 hits in my travel blog and in my profile, Random thoughts and Photo blog cumulatively have almost 1000 hits. Thought it is not big number, but still enough to motivate me for future posts. I have a plan to merge the last two into one blog.

I don’t have enough time to write many posts, as this is not my first or second priority. Family and career consume most of my time and hectic travelling is responsible too (in last one month I have been to Kolkata, Kharagpur, Delhi, Frankfurt and Athens). So, I think the quality of my blog can be improved in many ways.

I thought many time, why do I blog? Just to get my writing skill better or document my travel. No, mainly to share my views to everyone. I believe, blog reflects the personality of the writer, his way of thinking, looking to the World. It defines the individuality of a person, it expresses the original feelings. Yes, one blogger can hide his true feeling in one or two posts, but not in all. Thus blogging is nothing but personal satisfaction to a blogger.

In my blog World, couple of blogs are quite ahead of others. GreatBongs (Arnab) RTDM and David’s Authorblog. These blogs defined a separate community, brought a new definition to the blog World. So, I dont want to comment separately on them.

I would like to say about my first four Blog friends, Kalyan, Cuckoo, Mridula and Sigma.

Kalyan has a very nice blog with wonderful pictures and narrations. I have never seen such a young talented blogger (just to keep in mind that he is still a student) in the blog World. He writes in various topics, some well composed poems, and the most precious element in his blog is his excellent shots. His Calcutta blog is one of the best city blogs (according to me) and his travel experiences are really wonderful. The Calcutta blog is very close to my heart as it vividly reflects my home city. What I want to see in his blog is some short stories / descriptive emotional writing.

Cuckoo, one of the dazzling sensations of Indian blog sphere has impressed me, influenced my thought many time. The young lady is bit commanding sometime (cry man cry), but she simply rocks in her nest. Once I start reading her post I cant stop unless it ends. Its hard to found such a free flow of emotions. The most interesting part of her blog is the conversations in the comments. Her poems are really excellent. What I want to see is some better pictures in her travel blog.

Mridula, I should thank you for bringing me in Blog World. Her blog is awarded best Travel blog award last year in Indibloggies. She has a very typical way of writing. Once she completes a trip she starts posting with a photo and a brief description of the place, slowly reveals the photos and finally comes up with excellent narrations. What I want to see in her blog is a well defined index of all places she covered.

Sigma, another IT guy like me, bit techy and often busy in project work, but still find sometime to share his thoughts in his blog. The speciality of his writing is the emotional touch and unanswerable questions. His travel memoirs is also interesting, specially the photos. What I wanted to see in his blog is some colourful posts in various topics in regular intervals.

Thanks all my blog friends to encourage me and share your thoughts in my blog. I thank couple of my close real life friends Ananda and Kuntal for their honest feedback on my posts.
Please drop your suggestion/comment on my blogs here.


mridula said...

Thanks a lot for including me in your 100th post Pijush. And what a lot of traveling you have done in the last month!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Pijush on your 100th post. Till now it has almost been a dream journey in all your blogs...Wishing you all the best in your blogging journey and will always be as eager in the future for your beautiful creative posts...Keep Going...

Cuckoo said...

First of all, a Hearty Congratulations on your 100th post !!

It was very nice of you to include our names on this and appreciate us. Thanks once again. I am honoured.

May your all blogs travel an endless journey towards a dreamy goal showing us the world through your eyes. Keep going...

I think I'll have to tag you for one of the points raised here. Keep watching. :)
Also, check your trash in mail-box. I might write something to you.

david mcmahon said...

Well done, Pijush,

Do keep in touch ...

indicaspecies said...


Congratulations on your 100 postings. It's a pleasure to go through your affable blog and I especially enjoy your lovely photographs. You are doing fine young man and keep up the good work.

Being a new blogger, I'm not sure I deserved to be mentioned in your 100th post, nevertheless, thanks a lot for that honour bestowed on me.

With warm regards and all the best!

Keshi said...

Happy 100th mate!

n tnxx for stopping by :)


AJEYA RAO said...

Cool, Congrats for that century!

Pijush said...

@Mridula, Yes it is hectic sometime, I am afraid what will happen after this project as I may get some role which will make my locus unpredictable. Thanks for the comment.

@Kalyan, I am glad that you found my posts interesting. Thanks for your encouraging words; I appreciate your effort in blogosphere.

@Cuckoo, Thanks for your wish, I will keep posting some interesting topics. Joined your fan list in Technorati and still waiting for your mail :-)

@David, Thanks again, Will surely keep in touch.

@Celine, Many Thanks for your blessing, it means a lot to me. My best regards to you as well.

@Keshi, Welcome to my Blog, Oh God, I was taken aback by your posts.

@Ajeya, Thanks for the comment, keep coming.

Sigma said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! Keep writing and sharing!!
Thanks a lot for including me in your post. It is a pleasure interacting with you.
Work and inertia have held me back from getting in flow in the blogosphere for almost two months now .... but I hope to be back any time :-))
P.S. Change that first line to 'IT gal' :-D

Anonymous said...

congrats on century posts!!
im sooo honored, pijush-chan!
i have a feeling that next year u will get that indibloggies award :)
no suggestiong at all.
ur blogs look awesome.
thanking u and happy weekend!!

Pijush said...

@Sigma, Thanks for the comment, I am surprised, IT gal:-) Thats why you have a good eye to minute and delicate things.
So you have started posting again, welcome back, Cheers.

@Niki-chan, Thanks always for your complements. I am happy to have a friend like you, stay well and keep posting.

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

You made a century.....keep it up and do whatever you are doing..

backpakker said...

Congrats ..I have enjoyed reading every post of yours

Pijush said...

@Raghu, Backpakker: Thanks for your comments and liking my posts.