Wednesday, November 7, 2007

10 Dreams TAG

I haven’t post last one week as I was down by viral fever followed by hectic schedule. But now I am ok and ready to enjoy Deepavali. Its called the festival of lights, but here in Bengal we have a special religious occasion called Kali Puja.

Wish you all very happy Deepavali and Enjoy the festive occasion.

Not going into the details, I would again like to play the TAG game. This time I would like to pick other set of victims, for a brand new subject.

Subject: 10 things I want to do before I die (I listed down my top 10 desire one year back in this post).

For another reference see Ananda’s Top 10 list. (He came across this book "Unforgettable Things to do Before You Die")

This are just few dreams, so be honest and write whatever you like; you want to do irrespective of opportunities and possibilities. That’s what we had done.

I want to Tag

1) Sigma : I know you will pick it; eagerly waiting for you interesting post.

2) Cuckoo : Haha.. this is my turn now. I know how much busy you are, so not sure whether you will pick it.

3) Keshi : I read your post on 5 things you want to do if you are going to die in next 6 months, but now the span is not limited. Hope we will have something equally amusing posts.

4) Kalyan: Same for you, not sure whether you will have time in your busy schedule, still interested to know what you dream.

5) Backpakker : Your post will be obviously interesting, so tagging you.

6) Aditi : Hope you will pick this one and I think your dreams will be completely different than others.

7) Anyone who is interested, niki , indicaspecies , CHEWY , Amrita…. I know You all have nice dreams. so, share it with us. Hope you all will enjoy this Tag.


Aditi said...

I am sorry if i missed a tag earlier.. the last few weeks have been so hectic that my blogging has been on hold.. i am just starting to go through all the posts on my google reader...
anyway tell u what i will return to the blogging world with this tag soon

krystyna said...

Hi Pijush!
Happy Diwali to you and your family!

Amrita said...

Thank you for the tag Pijush, I try to do justice to it, but I 'll have to think about it deeply first.

A very Happy Diwali to you and your family.Eats lots of sweets and burst lots of crackers, but take care.

And get well soon.

Mansi Desai said...

Oh! this was such a fun read Pijush! I really really enjoyed it:) btw, I think i fixed the faves button on my blog, and I'm also adding you to my blogroll:)

Have a very Happy Diwali, and may you be blessed with loads of happiness, peace and success!

Anonymous said...

OK Pijush, I pick the tag, but as you know it will take some time in this busy festive season & I also have to think hard to list all the dreams, so will need some time. I already have 5-6 pending tags, so I am planning to post one long post for all of them in sometime....Hope you are well now, aar Subho Deepawalir preeti o subeccha roilo!

Keshi said...


Hope u get better soon. TC!

aww nice tag..:)

will do it some time soon.

hv a good one!

Ash said...

Happy Diwali to you and yours.

indicaspecies said...

Happy Diwali to you and your family Pijush. Enjoy the festivities. :)

Thanks for the invitation to pick up the tag.

Anonymous said...

To have a dinner with Aishwarya??
that is a sweet dream lol
do u still want to do that??
i have tagged keshi-chan several times but she never take it. hah

backpakker said...

Hi, Hope you had a great deepavali and you are feeling better..tag done..in Monologues ..

Pijush said...

Don’t be sorry, I can understand the hectic schedule here. I also have huge back logs in my Google reader. And you are not late. Its my pleasure that you have acknowledged the Tag and will return with it. I am eager to see your dreams and thoughts. Have nice time and Njoy.

Sorry for being late in wishing you Happy Diwali. I am extremely delighted to get your message and appreciate your multi-cultural knowledge. God bless you, keep coming.

I know you will do proper justice. I am ok now.
Thanks for your wish and same from my side to you as well as to your family specially convey my respect to your Mother. Hope you had nice time during deepavali and enjoyed every moments of these festive days.

I am glad you liked it. Actually I didn’t share it last year, but now I have so many good blog friends like you, so thought of sharing it. I will be happy if you pick this Tag.
Thanks for your wish. I also wish you the same; have nice time and njoy with your family. Will soon check the Technorati button.

Thanks in advance for picking it. Hope you had nice time in Diwaly and my best wishes to your family and fiancé. Just take your time and let us know your thoughts and dreams.

I was inspired by your post and though of this tagging. I am sure you will come up with nice dreams as you are quite different.
Viral fever is very common for a person coming from Europe/US/Aug to India. So I was expecting it and finally took some antibiotics to recover. Now I am fit and fine :-)
Take care and have nice time there. Njoy

Wish you the same and have nice time. Njoy friend.

Thanks very much and wish you the same. Have nice time and eager to check your post.

@Sweet Niki-chan,
My dream has been revised, now I want to have dinner with Miss Japan, but will not refuse Aishwarya if she is willing to have it.. LOL.. Though bit afraid of Abhishesk :-)
I hope you will pick this tag, and share your sweet sweet dreams.

Many thanks for picking this one and sharing your dreams. I enjoyed it. We all have many things to learn from you. Hope you had nice time during Deepavali. Njoy.