Thursday, November 22, 2007

Kolkata in Curfew

Kolkata is again in problem, this time under communal fire. The AIMF (All India Minority Forum) is demanding cancellation of Visa of controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen, who is now in Kolkata. The other issue was Nandigram, where huge Muslims have been killed by cadres.

Definitely some opportunist political parties are playing important role in this kind of chaos, which turned out in a riot and RAF, Army called to control it followed by overnight curfew in sensitive areas.

Taslima left Bangladesh as many Muslim extremist parties threaded to kill the female writer for her criticism of Islam and now the same kind of threats are coming in India also, though I believe that it is purely a political issue now.

I have nothing more to say about it, but what I want to restore peace in my home town. I had to wait in the long traffic jam, but fortunately I came out in time. Others waited for hours and the whole Calcutta came to standstill, as the central part was blocked by the protesters. Many cars have been burnt and police was attacked, I am happy the way CM handled the situation, but not happy with the situation.

Pic Source: ABP news paper 22Nov


Ananda Niyogi said...

Looks a bit hurriedly written...expected more in-depth views from you.

If we look closely, there is more than what meets the eye - this is neither plain 'communal fire' nor a case of the police/CM handling or mishandling the situation.

Pijush said...

Yes this post has been written hurriedly. But I intentionally avoided the drill down analysis as it is very sensitive issue.
Now Tasmila has been shifted from Kolkata, CPM asked to move her to retain minority vote bank and TMC pumped this issue for the same reason. The dirty politics has taken worst shape here. Minorities were always exploited and entertained by different parties for their self-interests.
I want to mention couple of observations.
1) The Communication Structure of Kolkata is so poor that the whole city can be stopped only by blocking few important junctions.
2) Freedom of creativity is under threat in India/WB also, which is not acceptable.

Amrita said...

Its really very sad to see Kolkata in unrest. I always knew it as a peaceful city.And Nandigram too.O feel so sorry for Taslima. Hope she is safe in Rajasthan.Many hotels to put her up, the morning news said.

Look what 's happening in UP , the bomb blasts.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! it looks sooo dangerous to walk outside.
please stay home and take care pijush-chan!!

Dara said...

Freedom of creativity is under threat in India/WB also, which is not acceptable

Again it's abt supressing the darker truth by some lame xcuse!!
As i said earlier,we always easily fooled by the 'outer-surface' while the deeper side was the basic reason!!

Tell me,when Taslima's Dikhandito published few years ago,WB muslims were angry,but ever such thing happened?? Now,when she relatively inactive,had given NO controversial statement OR released any books....she 'apparently' targeted!!

I guess,we shud understnd Taslima is NOT the issue,rather an eye-wash 4 more darker issue.....may b one-part of ruling party n anti (TMC)want to crete a havoc....in cost of am-janta...may b had intention to crete hindu-muslim riot(that didn't happen due to police didn't shoot!!)???

backpakker said...

I dont know why this is happenning in our country ..sometimes I wonder why we allow ourselves to be ruled by such people

Ash said...

Indeed, its sad to see this unrest in Calcutta.

Pijush said...


Thanks for your comment. Yes what happened in Lakhnow is not desirable in any form. Terrorism and Pak-violence is hitting every part of India. Off late some of Pakistani planed terrorist planned to hijack Rahul Gandhi (Son of Rajiv Gandhi), but failed and now they are causing these blasts in different parts of India.

Kolkata was always a peaceful city and still it is. I think some disturbing element is trying to jeopardize the system and the govt is also partially responsible for the chaos. Hope they will manage it finally.


Don’t think of me, I will be happy to die for my country :-)
Thanks for your sweet comment. I was mostly in my home these days.


Nice comment and I partially agree with you this time. But the real story is complicated. Its not only TMC or Adris Ali, Not only Taslima or Nandigram, but there were involvements of terrorist groups from Pakistan, such as Simi and ISI. The Muslim fundamentalist organized the terror plot in Dubai and utilized the situation properly.

And yes, it would have been a communal riot if not CM handled it properly. Leant from mistake Buddha is maturing these days. Again I want to tell you that I am not supporter of Congress, TMC or Lefts, neither voted in last 3 elections, so pls don’t misinterpret. Thanks for your detailed comment and keep smiling :-)


I do think the same. The political system is not good enough; the encroaching neighbors are causing terror now and then. It’s a kind of disturbed situation. Hope one day we will have peaceful India. Thanks and TK.


Thanks, yes it is painful. It tarnished our image and hope the peace will reign supreme soon.

Anonymous said...

& Kolkata stood up & returned to normalcy inspite of all the hooliganism....I like the way you are highlighting so many local issues these days....As for the EQ test, I will take it later & will let you know!

Pijush said...

Yes Kalyan, Kolkata is always a peace loving city and Not only Kolkata, all terror stricken places in India returned to normalcy and this is the right pay back.
What I want next in Kolkata is a mob protest against "Bandh" (Strike).