Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Book Cover Tag

I have been tagged first time for something in the blogosphere by Miss Cuckoo. The subject is Book-Cover Tag.
Rule (there is only one): Go to the advanced book search on Amazon, type your first name into the Title field, and post the most interesting/amusing cover that shows up.

I tried with my first name Pijush and as expected got no match. Pijush is a typical Sanskrit/Bengali word which means nectar or ambrosia (though I am not that juicy lol).
So I had to try with my blog nick name “Goba” and got couple of them. The first one was “The Goba of the Zambezi: Sex Roles, Economics, and Change by Chet S Lancaster”, which is associated with many amusing subjects, but not interesting enough to me.
The second one was "The Goba Name in History by Ancestry.com", which sounds ambiguous but bit interesting. In the book you'll find out about where people with the Goba last name originated. Waoww.. Goba is surname of many people that I didn’t know. Isnt it amusing !!

The Editorial Review of The Goba Name in History is given below.

The Goba Name in History is a customized book offering a unique blend of fascinating facts, statistics and commentary about the Goba name. The book is just one of an entire series of family name books in the Our Name in History collection. Each book in the collection is printed on demand and is compiled from hundreds of millions of records from the world's largest online resource of family history, Ancestry.com. This particular book follows the Goba family name through history and makes the perfect gift for your family members and anyone interested in the Goba name. In the book you'll find out about where people with the Goba last name originated. You may discover the countries and ports they left behind, the ships they sailed and more. You'll get a better idea of where people sharing the Goba name settled and where they may reside today in the United States, Canada, England and other countries. You'll get all this information and much more in your Goba family name book. If your last name is not Goba, then check out our collection of nearly 300,000 family name books to find other available names in the series.

I would like to tag..

1)Amrita – I know you will pick it and come up with something very interesting
2)Ananda – In Bengali your name own a big publication, I doubt what will be in English
3)backpakker – For sure you will find many books in your blog name, but not sure about your real name.
4)Celine – and indicaspecies Both the names are interesting. Looking for the search result.
5)CHEWY – Search for something amusing and share with us.
6)David – The search will be in Title field, otherwise you are the only person in the list who will have a perfect match with the full name in the author field.
7)Niki – I am sure that your search result must be intriguing and mischievous.
Eager to see a colorful sweet book covers.


Anonymous said...

Oh Yes! I'll enjoy this game. Thanks for the tag.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I already know there is an author with the same name as my real name.
I'll try "Chewy".

Amrita said...

this tag is so different from others i 'll play.
Thank you piyush.
One never knows what it might produce

Ananda Niyogi said...

Thanks for tagging me :-)

Let me see what I can come up with!

Anonymous said...

woow im honored. thanks a lottt :)
ROFL> I am not that juicy lol

Ash said...

Nice one!

Sigma said...

ha ha! My real life name didnt turn up anything interesting either :-D

backpakker said...

thanks for tagging me..let me see if backpakker misspelt has anything unusual ..my real name is quite common-so it wont really have anythg funny, I guess , but I will still try

backpakker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
backpakker said...

hi,,,posted ..in my favourites :)

Cuckoo said...

Thank you Pijush for doing this tag..
Oh so you couldn't find any books of your name ?

But these 2 books are equally interesting, aren't they ? ;)

Glad that your victims could enjoy the tag & find interesting books. Will check theirs later. Now, I know I can tag you with some more tags which are pending with me. ;)

In a hurry. Thought will just check your blog.

Keep smiling. :-)

indicaspecies said...

I'm tagged!? Waoww ;)
I am rushing out of office for a weekend outing and shall respond upon my return.
Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

My Book Cover tag is done.

Pijush said...

Thanks for picking the tag. Your result is most funny and the cover is wonderful.

You are lucky one, so many good books in your name. Thanks for picking it.

I would say the results are not disappointing. But had it been in Bengali/Hindi, I don’t know, may be you would have got thousands matches.

I mean to say I am not like Nector :-) Waiting for the juicy results from you. Thanks

Thank You

Its unfortunate, we missed golden opportunity to know one of your basic secret (your name).. LOL

Thanks for picking it, and you came up with so many results. I knew you will have maximum, but its even more than I expected :-)

I should thank you for such a innovating tagging topic. Yes, my results are really interesting and We all enjoyed it.
Now its my time to Tag you and will do it in my next post. Hope you will pick it and answer honestly. Thanks for dropping by my blog in your busy schedule.

Wish you a nice trip and wonderful vacation. Thanks for the comment.

Everyone, Have a nice Weekend and Njoy

Anonymous said...

whew it took an hour to finish that tag.
thanks very much!!

indicaspecies said...

I'm done with the Book Cover Tag. Thanks!

david santos said...

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Thank you

Keshi said...

Interesting Pijush...nicely done!


backpakker said...

Hi , happy deepavali