Thursday, October 25, 2007

Durga Puja - A Small Recap

Finally Durga puja ended with expected grandeur and solemnity. Be it rich or poor, Hindu or non-Hindu, Bengali or non-Bengali, everyone enjoyed the festival here in Bengal. But the end of the festival has left me heavy hearted, thus not feeling to cherish these days. But still want to share some moments and shots that I have captured.

I haven’t been able to see many pandels and idols, but still have had nice time with family and friends. The best idol I have seen is the above one of Jagriti Sangha club of Garia, close to my flat. I like the fearlessness and reinvigorating face here.

Then comes the goddess of our apartment/flat. We the flat owners organize Durga puja in miniature and we spend most of the time here. Its our own puja, everything is done by us, starting from creative decorations to prepare the bhog (holly food).

The purohit (priest) are performing some rituals. This is called arati and the next one with some lamps are called Sandhi Puja, which happens between the third(Astami) and fourth(Nabami) day of the festival.

On last two days we went to Kharagpur from Kolkata and enjoyed the festival there. It was fascinating and real refreshing. I have not downloaded kgp pics yet, here go some of the pics of Garia(my locality in Kolkata).

This is one of the biggest festivals in India as well as in World (few hundred thousands pandals and idols are created and almost hundred million people are directly participate in this festival). If you are planning to come to Kolkata or Bengal, this is the right time of the year. The last day of the puja is called Dusshera, which is celebrated across all states in India.
Some of the perspectives are reflected in my cobloggers posts, so I want to mention some of them. Honorable mentions are listed below.
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This puja where creativity wins over the rituals is wonderful occasion in many ways. The idols and pandels are only kept for four days, but for sure it leaves an ever-lasting effect to each and every viewer.
Here goes few slides of our apartment puja and of nearby locality.


Sigma said...

Nice post. I am glad you were able to enjoy the festival season at your home with your family.
Though I am perplexed by the statement - "it is not very pleasant to cherish these memories" ??

Ananda Niyogi said...

Thanks for linking me buddy :-)

The 3rd & 4th one are stunners! Excellent work !!

But I was also stumped by what you intended to say in the first para - was that a typo?

Amrita said...

Hi Piyush, welcome back to the homeland. Nice pictures and slides. Thank you for linking me. I just marvel at Bengali art and culture, it is really unique.and deep.Have a good week ahead.

Amrita said...

PS The aarti pictures are really nice with the color, movement light and smoke

backpakker said...

Welcome back..hope you have settled in ..the pics are awesome, especially the first two..the slide show looks very dramatic ..you have chosen an apt time to come back home ..

indicaspecies said...

Beautiful pictures Pijush and am glad you had a good time back home. The slideshow is impressive and the picture just before it (with burning diyas) can be used for a photo contest. The colours there are marvellous and its a superb shot.

Continue the festive spirit in your heart and aashchey bachor abaar hobey. :)

- celine

PS: I'll presume the 'not' (referred to all over) was typed by mistake.

Cuckoo said...

Yes, I know I am late but knew you were having a good time with your family and friends. And I had read this post. only thing remained was to put a comment. :-)
Same question as Sigma... Why this title for the post ? I know what you wanted to convey but it gives a wrong meaning.

As Ananda said, 3rd & 4th are my favourites too. Aarti scenes.
Also, I always like Sandhi Pujo & sound of Dhak. :-)

BTW, you have been tagged (1st time from me). Pls check my blog. Hope you'll enjoy doing it. After lot of thinking I thought your name will do wonders.

Anonymous said...

Super super super shots!!
i applied to subscription of ur photos and rated 5 stars :D

Keshi said...

Great detail and wonderful pics..ty Pijush!


Pijush said...

Thanks mate. What I meant to say is “I am feeling sad as the festival has ended and we have to wait for one more year for the next one” – thus wrote that line and you know my English :-)

Thanks Buddy. In your words the typo sounds like “4 days passing like a heady dream and then ending leaving one heavy hearted. But there is also hope for the future - idols (Bengali: 'protima's) are submerged in the Ganges amidst chants of 'Aashchey Bachor Abaar Hobey' (rough translation: 'Till we celebrate again next year')”

Thanks very much. I am proud to be a part of this culture. You too have nice time and Arati pic is also my favorite.

Thanks for your comment. Yes its nice time to be here and Deepavali is coming soon, so whole India is in festive mood now.

Thanks very much. I am glad you liked the slide show and all shots. You are speaking Bengali also. Waoww..

No you are not late, I can feel the work pressure here. The schedules are hectic and if one is promoted to higher responsibilities, he is gone :-(

I am changing the Title and the line. Sound of Dhak is my favorite sound, it gives me enormous pleasure. Just wondering, how you know about Bengali culture?

Again, thanks for the tagging and the results are posted today. Keep coming.

So Kind of you, I am flattered. Thanks very much and tagged you today.

Thanks mate, glad you liked it. TK

Anonymous said...

WoW...some really beautifully captured shots Pijush...Marvellous!
Thanks for the links & Hope you had a nice time during the pujas!