Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Goba Returns

You have heard of migratory birds. In winter they come to the warm wonderlands, they enjoy the charming weather. But they never forgot their roots, the fragrance of their own soil, and return after the winter. So as Goba, migrates often on request but never forgets to comeback to his motherland, the incredible India.

How it feels to leave the place where you are living for more than a year? Not really good, Goba misses many things of the wonderlands and sometime he becomes nostalgic. He misses the culture, people and specially the new friends he got here. He misses the weather, the rare natural beauties. He misses very small things like the smell of the office floor, the basketball in the workplace, the view from his window.

But how it feels to go back to hometown? Heart is thrilled and the mind is full of joy, especially when it is festival times in India. Durga puja was always the favourite occasion in Goba’s life; I guess it is same for most of the Bengalis. It takes him to the old days when small Goba used to visit at least 100 pandals during these three/four days every year. He was amazed to see the different pandels decorated with lights, coloured cloths/materials and in the middle the holly goddess “Ma Durga”. This festival is called “Durga Puja” which has a rich mythological history, mainly associated with Bengali culture though deeply influence almost all Indians (especially Dusshera occasion, the last day of the festival is celebrated across India).

And look at the coincidence, Goba is returning on the same day (17th Oct) the festival will start, the most desired festival. It takes him down the memory lane. He can recollect some memories when his family was living in a small railway quarter of Babuline in Kharagpur. There were grossly fifty small quarters and they used to organize one combined puja. A committee was formed every year for organising the festival. His father was very proactive and used to be a part of the committee. At the age of twelve he had written a poem in the souvenir of Babuline Puja Committee and his father wrote an editorial. It was a cultural bonanza, starting from forming structures to creative literature.

Thus Goba is exited and eager to go back to the home soil, close to the near and dears, friends and colleagues and of course to enjoy the festive mood.

PS: Durga puja is one of the biggest cultural festivals. It has a deep influence on the common Bengalis and Indians, they decorate their houses, buy new cloths prepare sweets, meet each other, and go out to see the idols. The crowed, the make-shift stalls, pandels, images/idols, decorations, crackers, lights, songs, and cultural programs everything makes it a perfect occasion to rejoice.

I will not be regular during next 2 weeks as I am leaving Greece for good. So little busy. Will keep posting after Durga Puja.

I have drawn the sketch in the first one in MS paint and pasted some pics captured by me 2 years back.


Ananda Niyogi said...

Looking forward to meeting you during Puja's, buddy! Greece's loss is India's gain :-)

MM said...

Great info there on Durga Puja, Pijush.

Thx for sharing the pics!
And ur real nice creation, as well!

Anonymous said...

Festival time sounds like a good time to return. Have a safe trip and don't forget anything when you are packing.

Aditi said...

well i am guessing u will be home in time for durga puja.. it will be fun indeed...
look forward to hearing abt your experiences

sAg_NiK said...

Best of luck 2 ur frnd Goba! ;-))

And,it's really nice that u r returning with 'him',b4 our favorite "Durga Puja"!!

P.S.- Did ya miss the last-yr-Puja??

Keshi said...

ur leaving Greece? I didnt even know u were in Greece WOW!


Pijush said...

Thanks Buddy, We will meet in puja and looking forward to work with you.

Thanks Mate, Your comments are always encouraging. I will try to share some more photos of Durga Puja this year.

Yes, you have correctly remembered me this one as I always forget something. But this time we are well in advance in our schedule and hopefully manage everything. Thank You.

Yes you are right and I will post something after Puja. Thank You friend.

Well said :-) .. I will land in Kolkata on Saptami and yes, we missed puja last year. Enjoy your vacation mood and have a nice time during Puja. I guess Kolkata is already in festive mood. Take Care.

TY . “I didnt even know u were in Greece” - That means you have never seen my My Greece Travel Blog. :-) Take Care.

HellRaiser said...

Hello its great that you are coming down to India at the most awesome time we Bengali's can have in a year ...i guess by the tym you land Kolkata and Bengal will be already in festive mood ...the charm of Durga Puja with the morning dew , smell of "Sheuli" and the light breeze flowing over "Kash Phool" ..will already make Nature come in Synchronization with our moods !!!! ..Hope that you have a great Time in India ...[:)] ...Aritra

Sigma said...

Glad you'll be able to celebrate your favorite festival back at home, with family and friends. Greetings for Durga Puja and Dusshera!

indicaspecies said...

Safe travel and don't feel too bad about leaving Athens. I understand you have developed a bond with it by now.

Migratory bird is heading back home and that's nice. May be some more will follow. Did you know migratory ducks fly in an enchanting V-formation? That's supposed to have some aerodynamic significance to save energy or so.

You have a great time back home Pijush and enjoy the Durga Puja and other festivities immensely.


celine :)

Amrita said...

Beautifully expressed and the pictures too are very good.
Did you hear about the Hogwarts castle Pandal they put up in Salt Lake City.It was in the news here.When you arrive take a look.

david mcmahon said...

Basketball in the workplace? That's my sort of office!!!

Say hello to Calcutta for me ...

Anonymous said...

i want to go back to the motherland incredible india too :D
never noticed office floor smell.
im facing wall in the office. no view from window *tear*
love that photo of yellow faced goddess.
safe trip, pijush-chan!!

MM said...

Thx so much for the suggestions, Pijush.
The Blogger rating indeed sounds wonderful. Shall look into it!!

MM said...

And yes, have a great week ahead!

Keshi said...

nope :( will do now!

Cos I love Greece and I always wanted to visit there.


Ash said...

Have a great trip!

Pijush said...

Brilliant description of nature and the moment in Bengal. I am eager to land there. I wish you nice time in KGP and enjoy the festival. Take care.

Wish you Happy Dussera too, Have a nice time. Thanks for the comment.

Thanks very much for pointing the TYPO.
“migratory ducks fly in an enchanting V-formation? That's supposed to have some aerodynamic significance to save energy or so.” - Yeah, I read it somewhere and its really innovative. That’s the reason the flights are of that shape.
Wish you all the best for the Indian festival.

“Did you hear about the Hogwarts castle Pandal they put up in Salt Lake City” - Yes I have heard about it and I will write something after the Puja.
Thanks and Take care. Greetings of Dussera and Durga Puja from my side.

“Basketball in the workplace?” - :-) and believe me, I was not too bad.
I know you love Kolkata and miss it. I will definitely say ‘Hi’ from your side.

Thanks and wish you all the best, you can also join us in the festival. But we can not guarantee that you will not be lost in the crown of Kolkata.
“im facing wall in the office. no view from window *tear*” - Its horrible. I get excellent views from two big windows in my room. Its fascinating. The sky is deep blue and the hills are brown. I love it. Change your place in office.

“The Blogger rating indeed sounds wonderful” - Yes definitely in your blog, where you post wonderful reviews. It will be help to get a fair quantitative impression of the movies. You too have a nice week ahead.

@Keshi & Ash,
Thanks and Take care. You both can visit my Travel blog as Keshi loves Greece and Ash loves photography. LOL

Anonymous said...

As Ananda has rightly said Greece's loss is India' gain....lovely reading your description & Have a very nice time out here during this festive season...Cheers!

sushilsingh said...

Hi, Friend

Navratri, the festival of nights, lasts for 9 days with three days each devoted to

worship of Ma Durga, the Goddess of Valor, Ma Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and

Ma Saraswati and many many happy Durga Puja.
Plesse visit for more detail