Monday, October 15, 2007

Random strokes

Found few minutes from my schedule and drew these two pics in MS paint with random strokes of mouse, Can you suggest some captions ?

Updated: 24th Oct 2007
Thanks everyone. I just picked up 10 captions from your comments I liked most .

Snake Demystified - Amrita
Electric Snake Dance – Chewy
The Invisible Snake Charmer and his Pet – Celine
Lines of fate - Bagpakker

Sky is the limit – Aditi
Flying Home – Amrita
Flight of Fantasy – Celine
Flight out of Greece- Chewy
Goba-chan flying home - Niki
"Athens' Smog" or "Καπνός της Αθήνα - Volodya


Keshi said...

those r too good Pijush!


Anonymous said...

WoW...some wonderfully done Pics as usual...the caption may be 'Colours of Animals'...although I will try to think a better one later...Have a very nice time during the Durga Pujas...stay well & enjoy the Pujo...I will check all your posts in some time!

Have a nice funfilled week ahead...!

Amrita said...

Hi Piyush, Inspired by you i tried a hand at painting...mine is at a clumsy pre-school level.enjy the festival time and when you come to india eat lots of rossogullas on my behalf. I love Bengali sweets.

Amrita said...

I 'd call the first one...Snake Demystified and the second one...Flying Home.Is that OK?

Aditi said...

sky is the limit for the second one?

but beautiful pictures particularly the second one

Cuckoo said...

Your drawing is so good. I always wonder how you manage to draw them. Pencil/paper is ok but on comp ?

I can not do that. :)

And should I say welcome home ??

Anonymous said...

The top one: Electric Snake Dance

The bottom one: Flight out of Greece.

anits said...

wow...what a excellent drawing!

indicaspecies said...

First: The Invisible Snake Charmer and his Pet.

Second: Flight of Fantasy

Pijush, enjoy your Durga Puja holidays. :)

Sigma said...

Very interesting drawings. Though at a loss for a suitable caption. But I liked Indica's "Flight of Fancy" :-_

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Your drawings are great - how about Freebird for the second one....

Volodya said...

Υou can name second one "Athens' Smog" or "Καπνός της Αθήνα" or (in ancient Greek style ) "Καπνός των Αθηναίων"


oehalim said...

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Anonymous said...

Happy Dusshera!! i love this painting of bird.
sooo very beautiful in black background :)
caption: goba-chan flying home

Ash said...


backpakker said...

the homecoming for the second one..and lines of fate for the first ? happy dassera and durga puja

Keshi said...

where r ya P?


Pijush said...

Thanks mate, I am honored. (First comment)
(Second comment) I will be back by next week. Actually I don’t have net connection in my flat in Kolkata, and also planning to visit Kharagur tomorrow; will spend the weekend with my parents. Still trying to hop few blogs. TK

Thanks very much, we had a nice time during Puja but missed the pandel hopping part in Kolkata. Hope you had enjoyed every bit of it and expecting to see some more shots. Take care

I am glad you have tried to draw. I love the sweets also but gaining weight due to its adverse effect :-(
And your captions are Brilliant. I thought of the same subject. Stay Well.

Thank You. Wonderful caption for the second one.

Its always a pleasure for me to get such a nice comment from you. I tried and just happened :-)
There are many things in which Miss India is better than me.
Yes, back home and struggling with new role and position in my same old company. Thanks.

Thanks very much. Very nice comments, I liked both. Take care.

I am happy to know that you found it interesting. Take care.

Just perfect and thought provoking captions, Thank You. Wish you happy Dussera.

Thanks mate, I am honored by your appreciation. Take care.

Welcome again. Yes its like a Freebird and I am delighted by your comment. Thank You. Keep coming.

What a surprise :-) . I am overwhelmed to see captions in Greek. Thank you very much.

Welcome to my blog and thanks for the comment.
I have checked your blog which is dedicated to a big concern and appreciate your effort on the alarming situation of Egypt. Keep coming.

Happy Dusshera :-) Thanks for such a cute and sweet comment. Goba-chan is fially back home. Take care.

Thank You.

Thanks for Nice captions, loved both. Wish you belated Happy Dusshera. Take care.

MM said...

I wish I cud do illustrations like u Pijush!!

They r way too good!!

Anonymous said...

awww glad u got home safely!!
thanks and have a super evening pijush-chan :)

Amrita said...

Hi Piyush, hope doing well.

Keshi said...

oh ok :) tnxx for that Pijush! U hv fun.


AJEYA RAO said...

Cool; Nice work.

indicaspecies said...

Delighted that you liked both my captions.

Have a great time at home.