Saturday, October 6, 2007

What I like most about Blogging.

Blogging is like friend with whom I can talk always

Goba: Hi buddy, howz life.
P1: Hello Mate, I haven't heard you long.
Goba: Ya, I haven't had much of time recently, its almost the end of my assignment and bit busy as usual.
P1: Hmm, I can understand, though I am relatively free as the project is not in peak and Easters are coming. Bit of holiday mood here.
Goba: Waoww… that's nice, so enjoying spring. Here the autumn is not that bad. Nice weather nice colors, will soon post something in my blogs. Now I am enjoying blogging. You know I have many new friends here ..
If you don’t mind can I ask you something? I need to know what do you like most about blogging.

P1: Ya I have started to be a regular blogger. You know it's a nice world. But I am very new to this World and I really don’t know what to like most, but I like the creativity of bloggers, the innovative thinking on different topics I have never thought of.

Goba: Yes that really an interesting part of the story, but I would say this is not the reason I was blogging.

P1: You are right :-) You were blogging for many different reasons, to know some of it lets call P2.

{P2 joined the conference}

P2: Waoww.. I am lucky today. What for you have remembered me?

Goba: For a simple question on blogging. I guess you have few blogs now, what do you like most in blogging.

P2: What!! Blogging!! Its just another virtual world. N+1th illusory existence of Nth replica. To me this World is virtual; we think therefore we are, same for the blogs.

P1: oh mate, not again. Believe me the veil of illusion or Maya will be torn very soon once you will have some strict deadlines to meet. But I still believe the same philosophy.

P2: Ok friends, let me answer then. I think I like it as it is easy to share my photos and travel experiences. I am in the net for free and I have a space of my own. My friends and relatives can see them and in future I can cherish the memories. I write blog for me, and some of them are wired to others like this one. But still I want to write down my thoughts here as it may help me to understand the virtual life in future. That’s what I like most in Blogging.

Goba: Yaa, I forgot you believe you are in a illusory World now. Well now I can understand your explanation. But P1, I think your choice is now quite different?

P1: Yes buddy, I am now in a new World, A world full of color and friends, some of them are very good and slowly we are forming our family, It has no color, no boundary, no religion, no status. It is simply a community where everyone is free to express their views, there thoughts, their experiences and also can reciprocate or contradict others views. This Blogging World is amazing and that what I like most.

Goba: Waoww.. I also think the same, but since I am bit more mature I will say the essence of blogging is much deeper. The thirst for innovation, the desire to come up with nice stuff always haunts me. I feel rejuvenated after reading nice posts, after encountering awesome pictures and by the constructive criticism and comments. I found the medium to fulfill my future desires. That’s what I like most. Thanks for joining me for introspection and find out the answer.

{Goba was trying to talk with himself to find out the answer asked by David, P1 is his replica 6 months back and P2 one year back}

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Ananda Niyogi said...

To use your word - "Waoww" ...

Very well written and very nice photo to go with it..

Anonymous said...

what is maya?? cute Goba-chan lol
interesting to know how u feel about blogosphere.
i never thought of community, but u might be right.
sad thing is that ive been blogging for 3 years, but there are only few friends remain same and most of them leave within one year or so.
i dont have that feeling of forming family tho. even one friend said blogging is like volunteer coz she is writing so many informative posts. silly!
what i like most about blogging is that i can express my love to someone very special.

Priyank said...

That was creative

Sigma said...

Hmmm thay way you have presented is really innovative :-)
P1 and P2! Perhaps some time hence we'll get to see a conversation between P1, P2, P3, P4, ... Pn :-D

indicaspecies said...

Now why did I think of dissociative disorder? Hahaha Pijush, just kidding.
This post is a novel way of presenting your views from different times. Very well done. Enjoyed this. :)

krystyna said...

Blogging is like friend with whom I can talk always- true words.
Your post reminded me my start with blogging. I started to write in Polish only because I want to know more about Internet (it was my first contact with Internet).
Than I started to write in English, because I want to practice English.
My first visitor inspired me to write in different way. I remember him. Do you remember your first visitor?

krystyna said...

Thanks for links. "Search for God" is wonderful.
Have a blessing Sunday!

Aditi said...

well written..

Keshi said...

I like blogging for the interaction bit..when ppl I hv never even met comment on my daily experiences, I get a fresh perspective...its really priceless!


AJEYA RAO said...

Writing is always a bliss...Its a world that no one can steal from me; in my solace, in my happiness, in lonilness! its my best friend. Blog is a means to publish my thoughts.

Pijush said...

Thanks Mate, Appreciation from you means a lot to me.

“what is maya??” - Maya means illusion or deception. The virtual reality can be compared with it :-)
Thanks for your complement. I can not feel anything without strongly attached with it. Same here for blogging. I personally feel each and every member of my blogosphere is very special for me.
“what i like most about blogging is that i can express my love to someone very special.” - “someone very special” - sounds interesting, please can you elaborate a little :-)

Thanks dude, take care.

What an interpretation!! That’s how the concept of n and n+1th life came :-)
The state of a particle can only be defined with respect to time and space (position), isn’t it :-) LOLz..

“dissociative disorder?” - It reminds me of split personality, but that’s the characteristic of a person who is suffering with contradicting nature at same point of time. Hope I am not or may be, I donno :-) kidding.
Thanks for your complement Celine, I am glad that you liked it.

Jinky Jinky… Nice to know about your blogging experiences.
“Do you remember your first visitor?” - Yes I do, He is the man who has given first comment here and I consider him as one of the best critics.
God Bless You too.

Sukria and Subheccha. :-)

Ty, “when ppl I hv never even met comment on my daily experiences, I get a fresh perspective” - Yes that amazing, and slowly a bond forms which never demand anything but never stop supporting. Take care.

Nice to hear you after long time. “Blog is a means to publish my thoughts.” - totally agree with you and the thoughts are random .. :-) Stay well and keep coming.

backpakker said...

nice style :)

MM said...

Its wonderful to read what blogging means to you. I guess it changes from person to person, but the mount of exposure that blogger receives and the kind of relationships that he strkes up in the bloging world deserve a special mention for sure!!

Happy Blogging!

MM said...

And btw
this is my feed address, i guess!


Pijush said...

Thanks & Enjoy Blogging.

Thanks Mate, I agree with you that it differs person to person. Got your feed and Happy Blogging.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I heard people talking to themselves and I admit I talk to myself too sometimes. BUT never have I heard of someone talking to their past selves... and on the phone! That is very creative thinking! You have an interesting mind. (smile)

Keshi said...

**and slowly a bond forms which never demand anything but never stop supporting

exactly! Very well identified. That kinda bond is not something u get in real life. Real life bonds can be very demanding.


KP said...

i do it for timepass...i cant access lot of stuff from work.......

Pijush said...

“BUT never have I heard of someone talking to their past selves... and on the phone!” - Haha.. Goba is crazy sometime. Thanks Chewy for you complement.

TY “That kinda bond is not something u get in real life.” - Yes the inner self is reflected here and not the other equations of real life. And I agree with you that Real life bonds can be very demanding, but not always :-) TK

Yes you are right. Its much better and creative time pass than Yahoo Messenger and Orkut as it can add value to us. Thanks for the comment. Keep coming.

david mcmahon said...

That's so creative, Pijush. Well done.

And the Gandhi artwork is eye-catching.

Take care. When do you leave for Cal?

Anonymous said...

for me, someone special means some boys who are not blogging but read my blog occasionally ;)

Pijush said...

Many thanks for your complement. I am leaving on 17th and busy in packing.
I will continue posting from India. Creation can not be guaranteed, but I will try to be innovative. Take Care.

You are sooo sweet coz you think of them who don’t blog but visit your blog. Thanks for your comment and Stay Well.

Amrita said...

Blogging is special for me because
it connects me with people
gives me a chance to express myself
be creative
learn from others
laugh with others
it has built me up spiritually too
and its so good to make friends with people from all over the world get to know their cultures, lives and share their problems ina way and pray for them.
and also get advice
last but not least blogging has improved my computing skills