Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This winter is hard to pass by. Started in India few months back, followed by wet Easter in Chicago, and still waiting for a nice spring. Came back to India for a short period but missed the spring and feeling the scorching heat of early summer in my heart and soul. The melancholy tone of a solitary cuckoo is not enough, neither the blessings from rafalaki. Its all about global warming and globalization, impacted the weather and life immensely, but still hoping that the spring will come soon.
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Cuckoo said...

Welcome back Pijush !! I too have been traveling a lot. Hope we both return to this world of blogging.

Let me settle down, your questions will come to you. :)

Cuckoo said...

BTW, comments on your Happy new year post isn't by me. I suppose my impostor has done it here also. I know who he is. HAs done it on many blogs. Can you check his IP address ?

Anonymous said...

woow you went to America??
who is this 'melancholy tone of solitary cuckoo'? :D
heard that india is very hot now.
please take care!!

indicaspecies said...


I hope you had a relaxing break in India!

backpakker said...

good to hear from you..hope you had a great time in india..was wondering when you would return to active blogging


GMG said...

Hi Pijush! Still too busy?
Wish you all the best!

GMG said...

Ana amazingly, Niki is still alive in the blogosphere... ;)))

dArA said...

Hey you,where you gone???

After a loong time I'm on dis blogsshere and still NOT MUCH updates???? :-/

Jhamela Pakate hobe naki??? Emon paglami korbo na,abar tar tar kore blogging suru kore debe!! ;-))

Take care,SagNik

shooting star said...

welcome backk!!!
the pics are nice!!!...its been quite erratic weather here in delhi..rains in this time of the year...dunno where we are heading with the global warming!!!