Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Domain for Kharagpur


Recently I tried to search my hometown in net and I was very disappointed by the results. There is no good site on this industrial town. To be precise I haven’t found any site only for Kharagpur. Thus I decided to launch a site on my home town.

I need a help regarding this. As I am going to open a site on Kharagpur, I need to buy a domain for that. The first domain I searched was kharagpur.com, which is already booked by some commercial agents and asking for $10,210. So obviously I need to search another domain. Kgp.com was my next one, which is also already taken. So I tried with many different options. These are the following which is available. I need to know which will be suitable and easy to remember and use. Please put your view in the comment section.


My final choices are between 5 and 6 mostly, but still want to check your views. If you have any more idea about domain names or content, please share. Appreciate your comment and thoughts regarding this. Thanks in advance.
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Ananda Niyogi said...

Go for the last one or http://www.kharagpuronline.com/ :-)

Aritra said...

I think the last one http://www.kharagpur.me is better as it kind of puts a personal attachment to the place , and a second most appealing one is http://www.kharagpuronline.com ... though it more likely is kind of commercial :)

indicaspecies said...

My first choice: kharagpuronline and second: kharagpurcity. I think these two would be the easiest to remember.

Pijush, I dropped in to wish you a Happy New Year and may 2009 bring in peace, joy and life's best to you. Cheers.

- celine

shooting star said...

my first choice will be kharagpurcity and second choice will be kharagpuronline....
wish you happy new year!!

Pijush said...

@Ananda, Dude, thanks again. Yes the last one has kharagpur as domain, but I am looking for .com (for the cntrl+enter facility). “KharagpurOnline” is a nice one. Need your help to make it a success.

@Aritra, I agree with you that .me got a personal flavor, but I want to make it a site for all kgpians. So “KharagpurOnline” will solve the purpose. Thanks for your feedback.

@Celine, “KharagpurOnline” again.  I agree both are easy to remember. But Kharagpur is a town, not yet a city. I was thinking about “KharagpurTown”, but again it can be city in near future. So your first choice is also my first choice now. Thanks for your wish and wish you the same. Take care.

@Shooting star, Thanks for dropping by. “KharagpurOnline” seems to be the unanimous choice. Now I think I should stick to it. Have a rocking year. Cheers.