Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hi Friends

Thanks for all your comments during last few months, appreciate it. I am back, but very busy with new project, and will soon start blogging. Ups and downs are there in life and we move on, thus I moved to United states and will keep posting after few weeks.
It will be nice if you can drop a comment about what you special did new in last 3 months. Thanks again for your kind words.


Rafal said...

OK, I am the first one here: good to see you back, Mate! I hope you still shooting photos - would be great to see what you recently did... and I hope you like Chicago... ;-)

backpakker said...

good to see you back...nothing new in my life so far , at least worth while writing about..all the best and hope to see you soon ..

Pijush said...


Thanke Mate, for your support. Yes I took some pics and going to publish in my next post. Ya.. Chicago rocks in summer, but not in winter and the spring is yet to come :-(


I have seen your travel blog has a better look and feel now. Thanks for your nice comment and I will try to post now regularly.

GMG said...

Hope this will be a great move!!!
I've some friends in Chicago and my daughter just spent some time there last July... Hope you enjoy!
Thanks for your nice comments at Blogtrotter.
Have a great week!

indicaspecies said...

Hi Pijush,

Good to see you back, and hope to see you in back in action asap!

During the last three months, what was special for me was my two trips out of Kuwait - one, to India in February and the second, to Jordan in March. Other than that, it has been mostly the same old routine.

Now let's get to hear more from you. :)