Friday, December 7, 2007

And Back Again

This is what came in our first Corporate newsletter(i-sdc wave) 5 years(2nd June 2002) back. I thought to share with some of you. This week I have got net connection in my home, so I am back again in blogosphere, will keep posting..

Pijush Ranjan Ghosh - our very own artist at i-SDC who unlike most of us has an uncanny taste of creativity, as he captures the beautiful wallpaper on his desktop, to paper. Pijush has sketched this from a beautiful 'Victoria Memorial' wallpaper on his desktop. Heard anything like this?

Click to enlarge and Have a nice weekend.. Njoy


Cuckoo said...

That's a wonderful sketch, Pijush. you have a talent. Have you learnt it somewhere formally ?

final_transit said...

Great work Pijush! The yellow paper gives a nice sepia'ish feel :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sketch Pijush. I like the way the towers tilt out. Like it's animated (alive).

Amrita said...

Hi Pijush, you are a great artist. This is lovely, what a talent you have.

MM said...

That is what I call real AWESOME!!

Pijush said...

Thanks very much. Our school teacher helped us to learn drawing in childhood, but I left it, when I was in class VIII due to academic pressure. After that I drew ad-hoc basis.

Thanks mate. Yes, its giving a Sepia feel.

“I like the way the towers tilt out. Like it's animated (alive).” - Thanks Chewy, But I hadn’t deliberately tilted the tower, just tried to copy the wallpaper of the computer. I feel there was some scope of perfection. I understand very little about painting.
I am glad you liked it and it’s an inspiration for me to continue painting.

Thanks very much. I am happy you liked it and will draw some more.

Oh.. Thanks mate. I am delighted.

Anonymous said...

OMG! super sketch!!
we should call u 'indian leonald da vinci'!! :D

Ananda Niyogi said...

Fatafati :-)

Pijush said...

“The Vinci of India” - Ohh.. Thanks for your nice words. I am honored

Dhonnyobad bondhu :-)

backpakker said...

Wow ..I must say Im very impressed..artist , thinker, writer ... many facets to you :)

Bla said...

Nice sketch, indeed. :)

Keshi said...

wut a sketch WOW!


Ash said...

Wonderful sketch!

Pijush said...

Thanks very much.. I am jack of all trades, but Master of none.. Do feel sometime that I should focus on a particular area, but never managed to do that.. :-( Thanks again and Take care.

Welcome to my blog world and thanks for dropping by. I checked your blog but unfortunately I didnt manage to read Bulgarian :-(
I have one good friend from Bulgaria. Keep coming

Thanks mate.

Thank You.

backpakker said...

You are just being modest :)