Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dadaaa. Dadaaaaaaaa

I had written this post a year back And I got my no 10 on dada (Sourav Ganguly)

10) December 2007: A glorious double century in Bangalore followed by a magnificent century in Eden Garden, Kolkata and Man of the series against the arch-rival Pakistan to clinch the test series victory after 27 years in homeland.

Its just like a dream for me. The way he came back is awesome. He completed 1000 test runs in a calender year. He proved himself again. Dada is simply genius.

Dada is my hero. He impressed me many times. His reinvigorating fight back attitude and sheer mental strength rejuvenates me. I read his interviews when I feel low, I visit his site when I need inspiration, I truly admire him, love him from bottom of my heart.
He is the person for whom I loved cricket deeply, his exclusion (2005 from Indian cricket team) hurt me more than anything else, he is the reason I started hating cricket, and now he is the reason for my jubilant mood. Nothing can give me more pleasure than this man’s success, nothing can rejuvenate me than his character strength, nothing can make me proud than his victory.

I know there were many allegations against him and so as for his supporters. The Bong-connection factor was shown many times for our love to this great man. But now I should say, dada is not for Bengalis, he is the proud of India. In his bad days I was mentally with him, praying each and every moment for this living legend and I am concerned more than anything when he is under pressure. But today I am happy as my prince emerges triumphant.

Photo Source : Cricinfo
Sourav Ganguly is delighted after reaching a double-hundred, India v Pakistan, 3rd Test, Bangalore, 2nd day, December 9, 2007


KP said...

Hats off to DaDa!
What A Comback Story.....

Keshi said...

Is Sourav single? LOL!


Pijush said...

Welcome again. Yes Hats off to Dada for his honesty and mental strength, and you rightly mentioned that winner never quits. Thanks for dropping by.

Nope, He married a nice girl next door and not a proud father of 2 baby. Thanks and TK

Amrita said...

Dada 's the best.I like him too.

Amrita said...

PS His wife is a great dancer...Oddisi i think.She came to our city for a performance.

Anonymous said...

Dadaaa Dadaaaaaaaa Cooooool lol
does ur wife dance too goba-chan??

Pijush said...

Yes,Dada is the Best. Thanks for liking.

Thanks for cool comment. Yes my wife also dance, but not professional.
What about you Niki-chan?

Dara said...

It's very late reply ,but thanks to Oz series coming up,NOT an off-topic!(but then,when it was a off-topic?? ;-)))

Thnx for this post n NO NEED to say anything more,as you know well,like mirror-images,we r IDENTICAL in this p'cular topic.... :)

BTWN,do ya've read his interview in ABP today(NOT the press-interview...it's special )??Ohh..awesome,he's gr8....it's a complete different out-look towards life,an amazing strength that always one can experince whenever read his interviews...AN BEST part is,DADA indeed took some wrong movements in past ,like those seeking help all the time from Dalu,n politics to make sure Chappel aa a coach,,,later back-fired!! :-/ ....but,after all those drama,his COME BACK proves it's NOT a super-man act,rather a REAL MAN OF INFINITE DETERMINATION!!

Dara said...

P.S.- Plse update that post you'd reffred on Sourav,very nice one indeed!!But,there it shows Sourav captained only 77 ODIs,while it's total 147 or so...with 49 TEST matches!!