Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Age I Wish To Go Back To Meme

Niki-chan tagged me asking "The Age I Wish To Go Back To ". Thank You Niki chan.
I followed the way Niki-chan did. Going through my album of childhood and found many interesting moments.

My life was not always in positive tune. Like most of us there are many mistakes I did, but I am not going to think about those days. Being an optimistic guy I always looked forward. So, I want to go back only to my happy days.

Happiness comes in many forms. When I read a good book, it makes me happy. But if I talk about special moments I can remember many of them. The day we won the football tournament in University Hostel was special for me as I scored some unbelievable goals, the day I first flew to outside India (London) was very special for me as I explored another World that day, The day I got job was also special, Even the small events like Swarasati Puja was special to me as we used to celebrate it in our home every year in our childhood.

One of the days I often cherished was the day we won the Trophy for our school in class X. It was an inter-school essay competition and being the first and second boy of our class I and my brother participated in this one and won the trophy together. Bro won the best individual performance trophy. That day my parents were proud of us and we were in jubilant mood.

Me:Second from Left

But apart from these success stories another day we performed together in our Babuline Colony (Kharagpur), was a fascinating day to cherish. I want to go back to that day to act a drama in our children’s club - Ankur. I performed 3/4 dramas in my childhood, and believe me I was not good enough in acting. I was good in many things like sports and academics, but not in acting. Still I enjoyed it. The collective effort and performing in front of our elders was something I can not forget. Given the chance I want to do it again and want to go back at the age of 14, when I performed this drama(I was a farmer in this one) in our para along with my friends and bro.
What Age U Wish To Go Back ? You can pick the tag or post a comment :-)


Anonymous said...

So realistic & humble...wonderful knowing about your childhood days...we all crave for going back to those lovely days, isn't it...I would like to go back to the entire school days life, which I think gave some wonderful moments in my life....thanks for sharing!

backpakker said...

so wonderful to read this..so real and feels so good..thanks

final_transit said...

I'd go back to 17. I was excited all the time and life was so awesome :) Not that its any less now!

PS: Considering switching to Wordpress?

Cuckoo said...

Oh Pijush, that's a lovely post !! I saw it when Niki-chan tagged you & was wondering when will I get this tag :P

You can pick the tag or post a comment.. I am doing both. But second one will take some time as I have (don't ask me how many) some pending ones and am in no mood to do them in near future. :-)

KP said...

well i would go back to my kid days....:) no tension...life was great...:)

P.S. I have answer ur question on my blog in comments.....:)

Keshi said...

A nice walk down the Memory lane! Beautiful pics too...

I'd liek to go back to the age when my dad was ard...


Anonymous said...

are u twins???????????
whis boy is goba-chan? lol
choooo very nice pics..very nostalgic. im moved!
thanks so very much for taking my tag.

anits said...

hi pijush u n ur bro look like twins ;) anyway interesting to read abt your past... hv a nice day!

Pijush said...

Thanks mate. Yes our school days were wonderful and I opened a community in Orkut just to cherish those memories. Nice to know that you want to go back to those days, which implies a part of child ness is still in you :-) Keep the same personality and sprit.

I always feel good after reading your comments. I am happy to get so many good and real friends in this virtual world. Thanks for your words and keep smiling.

Waoww 17 sounds interesting; many new things came in our life that time. But also the pressure of JEE was there, Oh no, I don’t want to repeat that story.
But I got your point, so enjoying life :-) Thanks for your comment.

I have a blog in wordpress on technology, but this one I want to keep it here as I don’t want to change the domain URL (blogspot address). Are there any other advantages in Wordpress?

Thank You very much. I can not ignore Niki-chan’s tag as she has a soft-sweet touch in her tagging (pls don’t take it otherwise).
I haven’t tagged anyone explicitly as I can miss someone who really wants to pick it. Thanks for liking it and eager to see what age Miss India want to go back and for what.

Oh.. yes.. those days was wonderful. No anxiety no pressure..
Thanks for dropping by..
I answered that again :-) (but this is the final one, pls no more iteration)
Keep smiling.

Thanks very much. I feel sorry. Your emotional quotient is quite high I guess. Take care Aus Gal. Keep smiling.

Yes we are twins…. you don’t know :-( Thanks for liking our photos.
Hahaha.. I changed quite a lot, but my bro is almost same.
Thanks for tagging me and we all have enjoyed this wonderful tag. All credit goes to you. Hugzzzz

Yes, we are. Thanks, I am delighted that you liked it. Keep coming and have a nice evening.

Amrita said...

Good to read this Pijush. You 're a sport person and actor...real good. 14 is such a playful, carefree age.i 'd like to 14 too and not have anything to be responsible for except studies.

Apun Ka Desh said...

Makes for excellent reading ! Good Pictures.

Pijush said...

Thanks so much. I am happy to know that you also want to go back in the same age. Yes, there was no responsibility and all fun. Take care.

Good to know that you are still in blogosphere, keep coming. Thanks and take care.

Keshi said...

:) tnxx mate!


Ash said...

Lovely post. I'd choose my school days :)

shooting star said...

nice read.......!!

no matter how good life we having right now...we always wanna go back to our childhood......

GMG said...

Interesting post!
Sorry for having taken so much time to come back here, but I will not tell you about my last weeks… Thanks for your comments on Blogtrotter
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pijush, no updates for a long time...we are missing your posts....anyway, wishing u and ur family a merry Christmas and a wonderful year ahead!

MM said...

....and ofcourse a very merry xmas and an extremely wonderful new year to u! do hv a blast!

YesBut said...

Merry Christmas. May you and yours have a joyful holiday.
With best wishes from
Mr & Mrs YesBut

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

At the time of 14 you are soo nice looking ...wonderful memories

Anonymous said...

hmmm still this post..
i wish u a very happy prosperous 2008!!

backpakker said...

Wish you a very happy new year ..hope to see more posts from you this year

GMG said...

Pijush, I wish you a very happy, healthy and successful 2008!

Ash said...

Happy New Year!!! Have a wonderful 2008 :-)

indicaspecies said...

A moving post, and enjoyed knowing more about you. Cheers. :)