Friday, January 2, 2009

Revisiting 2008

Another year passed by. An eventful year for all of us, for the whole World. I have gone through a lot of different scenarios of life, but forgetting the bad one I want to proceed. I want to continue my journey towards my destiny. I want to come back in blogsphere. But my New Year resolution is to open a site for Kharagpur. KharagpurOnline.com will be live soon and throughout this year I want to make it a success.

I was in India beginning of this year and then moved to Chicago for 7 months. It was a memorable experience specially in my professional career. In true sense it was happening with a mixture of good and bad. Then I came back to India again for 2 months. My Bro get married and those days were something to cherish. At the end of the year I am back in US again, but in a different location, Longmont, a small city of Colorado which is surrounded by mountains.

Throughout the year the following external events impacted me immensely.

Global Economic Recession: The slowdown of 2007 has taken a shape of recession worldwide, specially in US. India was immensely impacted by the crash of share market. The Sensex has gone down by 60% in 2008. Many companies have become conservative in their business, because people across the World are panicked. Companies like Lemman Brothers, J P Morgan in US have been bank crafted. Many more big MNCs are in verge of bank crafty and huge job cut is going on every month. Not only financial, banking, infrastructure, retails markets, it impacted IT too. Many project has been withdrawn, many have been downsized. Some of my close friends are out of project. We lost a project to our competitors. People across the World are worried about their jobs and most importantly the speculation is this recession will take a form of huge depression in 2009.

Terror Attack in Taj Mumbai. Image source economist.com
Mumbai 26/11 Terror attack in Taj: In last few years Terrorism was always a menace. All countries tried to combat against those devils, but it came in new form every year. Terror attack in Taj was shocking. Those breathtaking hours were a horrible experience for the whole World. In last few years how many times we told its Pakistan behind every terror attack. Don’t the normal Pakistanis understand that its against their goodwill and against Islam!!! The claver boy Musharaf was able to fool the while brains of white house by his tricks, but it had to open someday. But now its tough to control the growing terrorist activities in Pak Land. Common people in India and across the World are living in danger and politicians hardly bother about taking some effective preventive measures and we elect them every time. Shame on us, Indians!!

Cricket 2008: This was a wonderful year of Cricket. The year started in disappointing way for Indians but in last part of the year Dhoni’s team did many magics, like beating Aussies and England in Test series, ODI series vs. England. But the main attraction of this year was IPL, 20-20 championship. I was in Eden Garden(Kolkata stadium) cheering for Kolkata Knight Riders. It was amazing experience. But the most happening part was retirement of two legendry cricketers; Sourav Ganguly (Our very own dada) and Anil Kumble. Both contributed to Indian cricket immensely. Dada was close to my heart, inspiration in many forms, and my passion for cricket. I will miss those days in future but at the same time I am glad that he took a majestic retirement from Cricket World.

Change of Power: Democrats are back in power after 10 years beating the Republicans in USA. Obama, won the election and become the first black President of USA. It will have many impacts on Indians and Indian politics. The nuclear deal is now a question, H1 cap will not be increased, and outsourcing will be impacted. But at the same time Obama claimed that India will be one of the best partners of USA. This will be interesting to watch how they manage it. Will it impact the Global economy!! Will we have much better relation with US!! Will we be able to combat terrorism jointly!!

There are few more incidents which I like to mention. The foolish WB political parties made mess on Tata Nano project in Singur after messing with Nandigram. The ruling party of our state withdrawn support from the National Govt for the Nuke deal, which is a funny mistake that one can ever do. I feel shame for this as I belong from that land. Indian shooter Bindra won Olympic gold and bronze medal by Indian boxers was a proud moment for Indians. Viswanathan Anand won World Chess championship. India sent first ever moon mission was successful. Chandrayaan-1 success makes India fifth to reach Lunar Orbit

I hope 2009 will be a different year, a successful year to all of us. Hope all of us will be successful in our own mission. Happy New Year.


Amrita said...

Hi Pijush, good to see you are doing so well. Happy New Year

indicaspecies said...

Pijush, I hope 2009 will be a successful year for you too.

anits said...

hi pijush..HAPPY NEW YEAR TO U..howz life? me fine thx..hv a great year ahead!

shooting star said...

hey there...a nice post.....some of the issues u have mentioned have had a very personal impact on us all....
hope u have a good year ahead!!....
and i wish to see u more in the blogsphere!!

Pijush said...

@Amrita, Happy New Year too you also. Thanks for following my blog.

@Celine, Thank you Sooo Much!! Wish you the same

@Anits, Nice to see you after long time. I am doing fine. Wish you a wonderful year ahead. Thanks

@Shooting star, I agree with you on the point that some of these have had very personal impacts on us. I think some of these will continue in 2009 also. But we have to be optimistic and move forward. That’s the nature of life. Wish you a wonderful year ahead and this year you will see me in blogsphere often :) thank you.

Keshi said...

Hey Pijush long time no see! tnxx for ur comment in my blog just now. I was happy to hear from u :)


2008 is gone...lets makes the best of 2009. All the best to ya!


Lakshmi said...

yes and now the satyam fiasco..my brother was just transiting through Chicago and he was going gaga abt it..

Pijush said...

@Keshi, Yaa I was off for long time due to some personal reason. Hope you can understand. I had visited your blog but hadn’t commented. But now I want to be regular here.
Belated Happy New year and wish you the same for 2009. Thanks.

@Lakhsmi, The Satyam episode is a scar in Indian IT industry. It is an irreparable loss and we all feel shame about it. I will write a separate post on this. Thanks.