Sunday, May 20, 2007

Personality and Charisma

One of our desires is to be popular and to be center of attraction of a huge mass. I guess its driven by lot of parameters and constraints, which mostly dependent on our personality and charisma.
I was discussing about Charisma and Personality with one of my close friend come colleagues, Ananda and reached a conclusion that it’s a great mystery, why we like someone and why people’s choice differs. I have put some thought in the weekend regarding it.

I initially thought about some common points. We like them who are flexible, open and kind hearted, nice in behavior and talking. Successful or highly educated personalities are also popular. May be celebrities are well accepted to common people, sometime the senior managers can influence the common workers and someone who has deep thinking can attracts others. I like someone thinking in my way and concerned about my identity.

But I was wrong, as I can site numerous so called controversial personality people follows. Osama Bin Laden, Parveg Musharof, Sourav Gangly, Mahatma Gandhi are some kind of personalities whom either you like or dislike, you just can’t ignore them.

Recently one experiment in Japan has proved that will power of human can influence the movement of water in a glass. Similarly one man can also influence others. Let’s take an example of Vivekananda. Once he told that he can drink the whole sea in his hands, he can demolish mountain by virtue of his will power (“Ami gonduse somudra pan koribo, amar iccha matro porbot churno hoiya jaibe”). Being a simple monk, he mesmerized, rather hypnotized everybody in the parliament of religion.

Human being is a charged particle; the orientation is controlled by the human brain. The atomic charge flow and orientation in human body is called Sarbionetics. The will power is the method of orientations. More we have better we can control the action of the external world. One can increase his will power through controlled and continuous practice of certain subjectivity (like religious meditation, believing and thinking particular subject, which leads to some action) or objectivity (Certain Objectives of life, like corporate objective, personal objective). This power provides us huge determination and confidence, which enables us to form our personality. The extreme state of applying will power is hypnotism, by which one not only can attract others, but also can influence and control them.

But it can also happen that ones atomic orientation is automatically inherited by birth and his personality and appearance is attractive. We can call it in born Charisma.
The will power orient atomic particles of human body in particular fashion so that it can attracts everything of outer world. The attraction is nothing but the charged particles of one’s try to orient (or charge) the loosely coupled particles of others, through his action, personality and speeches. The charged body of that person creates such an ambience which automatically attracts others who are less charged or in the lighter version. But this charged personality can be influenced by someone, who is charged in the higher level.
This attraction is not only being done by physical or personal appearance, but also by speeches, writings, appearance in television, and all possible sense organs.

I should not use the word attraction, rather it’s affecting others which results in acceptance or disliking. The affect is also dependent on the nature of people, like the orientation of charge of a Muslim fanatic is oriented in such a way that it gets always affected by the words of Osama Bin Laden where as if someone is thinking deeper in same direction of mine, I appreciate his personality.


david mcmahon said...

Hi Pijush,

Very thought-provoking posts. I'd like to add one more example to your great post below (about sticking to a vision).

The Australian Cricket Academy once rejected a young batsman, telling him they only offered spots to those who were likely to play for their country.

The kid's name?

Matthew Hayden.

Nice work, Pijush. Hope to see more of your stuff.

Good luck


Pijush said...

Hi David,

I am delighted to get such appreciation from you. I did not expect such words for my blog, you made my day :-) Tnank You very much. Please come again and promise to post more innovative and thought-provoking posts.
I didn’t know the Matthew Hayden story; he is one of my favorite cricketers. Love him very much and wanted to see leading Aus quad very soon.

Thanks again,

Cuckoo said...

Hmmm... Very deep & thought provoking post. Read it thrice before I thought I would be able to comment on it.

At times, the common man is so much influenced by others that they lose their own thinking power. Sometimes they are brainwashed by those who want the common man to turn to their own ways. Plenty of examples here. As you said, Osama or Pervez... on smaller scale we have some for changing our religion. I have seen it, experienced it... will write about it sometime.

Well, I knew about Mathew Hayden story & you have seen now what damage he does to other teams.

Good work Pijush. Keep posting.

Pijush said...

@Cuckoo, Thanks for the encouraging comment. I am eagerly waiting for your post on the topic of influence and brainwash. It also depends on person to person; based on his belief, personality and capacity to judge logical things. Well, if I start talking about logic, it will be a long story again :-)