Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Genographic Project - I (Sample DNA of 2 Indians)

I really don’t know why India and Pakistan fight between each other, why we pretend Africa is backward in terms of civilization, I wonder why we conclude the white are more civilized than black? Science proved everything wrong by virtue of innovative researches and experiments.
Yes, a stunning result from The Genographic Project revealed many mysteries’ of human migration. It’s a joint venture of IBM and National Geographic and the project is still going on. Being an Indian I first checked the result of the Geographic projection of IBM India Country General Manager(from AP, ancestors from Tamil Nadu)

"Shanker’s DNA matches that of Haplogroup R1A, a group that scientists believe
probably formed in what is now Pakistan and northern India about 30,000 years
ago. About 20 percent of the men in India are in Haplogroup R1A.
But Shanker probably has many distant relations in Europe as well. For example, R1A is the predominate type of DNA found in Poland. Geneticists believe that the group spread westward from India in an arc that went through central Asia to Russia and as far west as eastern Germany."
Isn’t it stunning!! My belief was that the David civilization was hardly affected by the Aryans and they are the natives of India, confined in the southern territory. I was wrong.

Another well known truth is that the first human was originated in Africa, all of our grand grand ……..grand father (we call him Adam) was from this poorest ebony continent, and when I see read that article, I feel sorry for all the bloody wars, racism, cast, creed, religion and all possible man made divisions. Under one umbrella we all are living and our source is same.

I guess I am talking hypothetical. Lets come back to the reality with some more details of Geographic project, where the family tree DNA testing results in charting the genetic lineage.

"By unlocking DNA, you can find out very interesting information about your
personal migration pattern over the last tens-of-thousands of years," says
It’s called "The Genographic Project," and the theory behind the
DNA testing is that we all share a common ancestor who lived in Africa 120,000
years ago.
Sixty thousand years ago, our ancestors began migrating to the
Middle East, India, Asia and Northern Europe. With each move, mutations occurred
in the DNA and each mutation is associated with a place and time in history.
That's the crucial link scientists need to be able to tell where you came from.
I found it really interesting, the mind boggling results has answers many questions of human civilization and yet to explore the minute details and intricacies of human migrations.
Lets take an example of another Indian, Aseem Adhav working in IBM US.

"Born and raised in India, Aseem Adhav discovered his DNA places him in
haplogroup R (M173). This lineage first appeared about 35,000 years ago and
probably arose among migrant hunters from central Asia who moved west and then
east. This was the first large scale settlement of Europe by modern humans. This
group was responsible for the famous cave paintings in Lascaux and Chauvet and
may have hastened the disappearance of the Neanderthals by out-competing that
species for resources."

Again I am taken aback. According to my knowledge the European civilization(Greek 3000BC) was more ancient than the Indian one(2500BC). However the first human civilization(70000BC) was originated in Africa, the Mother Nation. Well, its the necessity, weather, circumstances, history, nature and interests made each of the country, civilizations so different, but the basic of every human is identical.

The ambitious five year program by National Geographic and IBM is now in middle and way to go to explore the mysteries, how we have traversed many different paths in different time line and shaped our civilization. I will come up with more details in subsequent posts and lets see whether this project can reveal the secret fact - Laden is a remote brother of Bush.
PS: I am only proving the information available in Net which is not confidential. The picture is taken by me in Helsingor Castle, Denmark.