Tuesday, June 12, 2007

End of Greece ???

Is it because I don’t like Athens, for its scorching heat, traffic congestion, unclean appearance, dense buildings and language problem; NO, this is not the reason.

Is it because I am bit scared of the illegal immigrants of Omonia, who don’t care about anything and busy in robbing, rape, black marketing, and made the deshi market a hell, OR of the Pakistani who caught me one day in the street, and asked why I am not Muslim, explained why should I accept Islam, who emphasized being a civilized and educated person, how can I be a Hindu who follows stupid rituals. NO, this is not the reason.

Is it because I am homesick and cant live without my family, missing my town and surroundings desperately, or enough of Europe, my long stay in Greece made me sick; NO, this is not the reason.

Is it because of my poor performance, or we lost the project or the local managers gone crazy and decided to spent rest of the summer in Aegean beaches with beautiful babes, go live should have been delayed. NO, this is not the case.

Is it because some urgent issue happened in my family OR I am feeling sick OR the water is not good enough for my hairs. NO, this is not the case.

The reason being the stupidity of Greece Immigration who refused my extension of my Work Permit and more idiots is the local employer who made a mess of it. As a sweet consequence I have to leave Greece forever, for which I was not ready. But again this is the part of our professional life and I now ready to go. It was a great stay and I enjoyed every bit of it, starting from the mountainous Delphi to seaside driveway of Sunion, volcanic Santorini to historic Marathon, bluish Mediterranean to greenish Poros and enchanting Aegina, colourful Corinth to ancient Acropolis, new capital Athens to old capital Nafplio. I must say the work life balance was excellent here and I will miss many more things, so now feeling nostalgic.
No more emotional talk and I have to pack my bags (as of now 16 bags have been packed and still going) to catch the flight to Kolkata.
I really don’t know whether I will come back, but what really bothering me is the abrupt end of the assignment. I have closed many things during last three days. Packing, Cargo, Bank, Apartment, Handover of my work, reapplying Work Permit …. All in three days. The uncertainty of my work permit is still there. That’s the reason I am not happy.
The only happy part is going back to my own country :-)


AJEYA RAO said...

Sorry to hear about your disapointment there....The first time I left USA after a years stay, i had mixed feelings...Wondered if I was happy or sad, Both had its on reasons. But when I went to USA for the second time for a short period, I did not eeven want to leave my country.....In spite of all the comforst and facilities there, I choose to be in the crowd, were I felt more homely with friends, relatives and freedom to do what I wanted....I am sure you wont regret your return after a few months of stay here.

Kalyan said...

This was one sad reading Pijush. I can really feel your emotions for having to leave such a beautiful place, but I belive & sincerely wish you get a more better job again & don't regret coming back home.
As they say whatever happens, it happens for the better & when in life, one door closes another re-opens, so on that note I wish you all the best for your future & surely you will be smiling soon...Cheers!!!

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

Then why don't you stay there, comehere.......... have wonderful life with out fear

Pijush said...

@Ajeya, Thanks very much for sharing your experience, it happened to me many times, specially when I was in Denmark. I quitted both of my assignment in middle, after some logical end of project. Definitely I will be happy going back to India.

@Kalyan, Yes I was bit emotional initially, because it was my first assignment after marriage. It was something like an extended honeymoon and though I hardly have any monitory gain, I enjoyed Greece. The project was perfect and I was development lead, so all enjoyed work life balance thoroughly.
Thanks you for your kind wish, I pray same for you. But I am still smiling :-)

@Raghu, Wonderful :-) … yes I am now looking for landing in India, will leave for Athens Airport within few hours.

Apun Ka Desh said...

Welcome Home :).

Anonymous said...

your wife looks beautiful in that Delphi photo!
how can u mannage 16 bags??
wish u a safe and pleasant trip!!

Anonymous said...

sorry typo mistake..
manage :P

Pijush said...

@Niki, finally the count was 18. Checked in 10 bags, 4 as land luggage and 4 in Cargo. I paid good amount for excess luggage, have no problem as long as my client is ready to reimburse it :-)
Thanks on behalf of my wife.

Anonymous said...

woow 18?? lol
how many arm do u have? lol
absolutely ur wife is smart.
thank u very much for ur nice comment reply!!

Pijush said...

@Niki, As of now we have 4 hands, who knows future:-)
Thanks again..