Friday, March 16, 2007

If one has a vision, he has to stick to it - Part 1

Yesterday, 14th of March, what happened to Nandigram is awful. 14 people (officially) have been died in violence with State Police Authority and hundreds are injured, a brutal holocaust by the state govt. The Left Govt lead by CPM wanted to acquire the land of the farmers to build a hub for Chemical Hub. Left govt is ensuring that there will be no stone unturned for the Industrialization in West Bengal.
The police succeeded in entering Nandigram, which villagers opposed to land acquisition had turned into a no-entry zone for the administration for over two months, but left deep bloodstains on the chief minister’s industrialization campaign. This is not the first time, had happened before in Nandigram and in Singur. More than 10 people died in different sporadic conflicts in West Bengal, for the industrialization process, and Left govt is now pretty aggressive for there move to convert the land of cultivation to industry.
I do support the initiative for Industrialization by chief minister Mr. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya. The former chief minister, Mr. Jyoti Basu, had done nothing for the state, rather ruined the existing industries by labor movements. After the decades of trade union politics and labor strike, lock outs, now the govt has realized the importance of Industry. CPM has realized that Communalism is a vague concept, especially in third world country. Must have to grow in terms of Capitalism and then the standard of overall state will grow.
The eminent economists like Amartya Sen had emphasized on the fact that there is no way to eradicate poverty other than fast economic (industrial) growth. By cultivation we can not be a leading state of the World. But, definitely there should be one stop point for aggression. To me there is no meaning to make a blood-shed and violence.
This is the futility of aggression. Budda is focused to his goal for making an Industrial State, and his sheer determination is resulting into unwanted aggression. Sometime it seems to me as egotistic, and for sure there is no room for it in democracy. He himself has condemned that incident “Some people died and that’s unfortunate”, but in the back of the mind he is persistent on the thought that if one has a vision, he has to stick to it, irrespective of people’s feeling.